Information strategy (and compliance) in practice - Part 1

Date: 19 Jan 2011 - 19 Jan 2011

Location: De Vere West One, London

When an organisation faces the challenge of implementing information management with compliance its first action is quite often to develop a programme built around the format of the information and the minutiae involved in managing the containers and not the content. This may or may not involve the purchase of an electronic content management or record-keeping system, to contain and secure soft copies; or, the hiring of a ‘records manager’ to ‘sort-out’ the hard copy. Too many information management programmes focus on what staff have in their files not which information they should have to deliver their work and support the business. To develop a robust corporate information strategy that is compliant and supports the business effectively and efficiently the following question must be answered. What Information is required to deliver the business strategy?

The Genuine Group has developed a two day masterclass aimed at managers with responsibility for strategic and practical information management. The two days are intended to provide techniques to assist with implementing a comprehensive information management programme that encompasses compliance; business continuity; records management, retention and disposal. Information and all the jargon that goes with it is discussed and explained in the context of delivering your business objectives. The two programmes may be taken together or you may prefer to focus on one day or the other. Each day will include an element of the other day’s work.

Day 1 provides an overview of information in its many guises and puts into context within an organisation all the words that seem to be associated with information and cause a great deal of confusion for public and private sector alike. It shows where the links and overlaps are between various information initiatives that an organisation may be trying to deliver.

It delves into the mysteries of both UK and international law in relation to the retention and disposal of information and discusses conflicts between laws and jurisdiction and how to decide which rules to follow.

It focuses on the content of your documents and how they help you deliver your business strategy. It discusses motivating staff to comply with rules and guidance that may appear unnecessary and administratively heavy. It discusses how to get best use of the information resources you already have within your organisation.

Day 1 will help to bring all information initiatives within your business together into one clear and deliverable programme.

In order to deliver an information strategy it is important to understand the vision an organisation has for its current and future business and take meaning from its objectives both at the corporate and departmental levels.