Implementing a knowledge café

Maximising knowledge sharing throughout your organisation

Date: 19 May 2009 - 19 May 2009

Location: London

De Vere Holborn Bars - Click here for venue details

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A one-day masterclass designed to help you:

  • Understand the importance of conversation in your business
  • Design and run Knowledge Cafés
  • Use Knowledge Cafés to solve specific business problems and challenges
  • Create opportunities in your organisation for creative conversation
Knowledge sharing is a key issue for business success but real knowledge sharing requires an open mindset and continues to be a challenge for many companies. One way of energizing an organisation to achieve real knowledge-sharing benefits is the use of Knowledge Cafés. A Knowledge Café is a face-to-face meeting, providing an effective vehicle for opening up discussions that lead to sharing. It can be employed as a tool to share tacit knowledge used within teams or Communities of Practice to question entrenched assumptions, help facilitate learning from others and gain a deeper, collective understanding of a subject through conversation.

It is not just about talking and networking, though these are secondary benefits, but allowing people to engage each other in "dialogue" with the aim of learning from each other rather than entering into unproductive debate and attempting to impose their views on the other which invariably end in failure and frustration.

Specifically, a Knowledge Café can it can be your easy, low cost way to make knowledge sharing work for your organisation by:
  • gaining buy-in for a new initiative
  • acquiring improved understanding of a complex issue
  • improving the way that people work together by gaining a deeper understanding of each others perspectives on issues
  • enabling a tacit transfer mechanism between young and retiring workers
  • facilitating the merge of two cultures after a take-over
In this workshop, you will get to understand the fundamental principles and benefits of the Knowledge Café process. You will go on to participate in a Knowledge Café, experience the benefits first hand and reflect and discuss your experience.

The workshop is designed for anyone who is involved in developing a knowledge-sharing or more innovative culture within their organisation. You don’t need to be a professional facilitator but book today and you will leave the workshop understanding the power of the knowledge sharing and with the techniques to run to one.

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