About ARK Group

ARK stands for Applied Research & Knowledge and is a B2B publishing and events company providing leading products for the Legal and Information Management markets.

We aim to help professionals and organisations work more intelligently by delivering reliable information and techniques that can be used to benchmark, instigate, develop and improve fundamental business processes and procedures. 

ARK Group is a member of Wilmington Group plc, a group that delivers essential training, information and knowledge to organisations and professionals across a wide range of sectors, including Legal. Wilmington companies thrive on creative collaboration and shared expertise, and we have a common goal - to help our clients maximise their potential. 

ARK Conferences 

If you take a few minutes to review our event calendar you will see that each event is rigorously researched to ensure we keep our delegates abreast of the latest trends technologies and techniques in response to the requirements of today's managers and markets and assists in the creation & implementation of successful management and market strategies worldwide. 

Our events portfolio provides a truly holistic approach to delivering experience-based information and expertise on the issues that matter to forward-thinking organisations. 

ARK Publishing

ARK Publishing is committed to delivering practical advice and expertise to business professionals worldwide through a range of specialist magazines and reports. 

Our dedicated team draws together cutting-edge case studies, advice and opinion. We gather expertise from your peers to offer you the opportunity to benchmark your initiatives against those of your competitors and giving you unprecedented behind-the-scenes access. 

By focusing on practical guidance we ensure that each report will assist you in avoiding potential pitfalls and enable you to drive your projects forward. From establishing the business case, to implementation, management and measuring the success of your projects, you will find an ARK publication that suits the needs of your organisation.