5 tips for GDPR and getting consent by Simon McNidder

Simon has provided 5 of his top tips to help you navigate your way around GDPR and getting consent: 

1. Don’t put marketing or advertising messages in your ‘opt-in’ message to your contacts. The ICO fined Honda for doing just that – saying it was a marketing activity, not a database clean activity.

2. Get a second pair of eyes to check your email before it goes out. You’ll know what you’ve written, so will already know what it is meant to say. Get it checked for typos and understanding. Does the least IT savvy person in your firm know what the email is and what to do with it?

3. When you ask contacts to ‘click here to check their details and opt-in’, have the request as a button AND a wordy link. It will attract different types of readers, and if their computer doesn’t display images automatically, ensures the call to action is seen.

4. Don’t collect data on contacts you won’t use. You’ll only have to maintain it and it’ll take your focus off your best contacts.

5. Use the GDPR to improve your cross-selling activities. Once you have asked for opt-in and your contact’s interests, you can go armed to meetings. Before you meet contacts, lookup their interests in your database and bring that team’s information, or person with you!

Simon McNidder is the author of The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR): How to get GDPR consent details of which can be found here. Simon is an independent CRM database consultant. His company, Database First Aid, offers organisations proven advice (or assistance) on setting up or improving CRM and marketing data, databases, and eMailshots. Simon has spent over 20 years using, managing, and implementing CRM databases, mostly in law and accounting firms, including 15 years at Pinsent Masons as their CRM database manager (where he won two national CRM industry awards).