Productive, thought provoking and with much to discuss. And that was just the coffee breaks.

Nick Stone, ARK conference producer writes about the PSL conference, 10 October 2018

“Excellent thought provoking PSL conference today” Rita Dattani, Professional Support Lawyer, Trowers & Hamlins

Many months of research, speaker invitations and promotion culminated in the one day conference for professional support. The objective was career development, collaboration and technology. But the result was busy day with a great atmosphere. My thanks to all the speakers and sponsors for all their hard work, contributions and discussion points. My thanks to everyone at the event for indulging me in my high speed efforts running around the event with the roving microphone. I had some fun.

With input from everyone, here are my post event takeaway points.

  • Get involved in projects, don’t isolate yourself;
  • Evaluate the different technology challenges for internal and external stakeholders and clients;
  • Establish an effective way to use AI as triage or client gateway;
  • Look out for the next big disrupters – it could other new legal players in the market, not just new technology;
  • Remember to the quality “no”, when managing your every busy workload;
  • Watch law firms move from being users of technology to developing their own tech solution – and what helps them meet client needs and remain competitive;
  • How about using super Tuesday as away of using face to face communications? ;
  • In a PSL role, individual development is as much about embracing the opportunities to acquire new knowledge and skills as about formal career progression;
  • The PSL role, while being multi-faceted usually has at its core being a legal expert;
  • Don't keep it to yourself: remember to use communication as a means of managing your workload;
  • Technology is an enabler not a substitute for good old fashioned client service and
  • Factor time into reflect and see the bigger picture.