Business Intelligence & Analytics in the Legal Profession

How analytics are being used to accelerate productivity across key firm dimensions—driving the development of standards, metrics and processes reflective of the firm’s broader business strategy

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  • 27 April, 2017
  • 09:00 - 16:30
  • 15W 43rd Streeet, New York, NY, 10036, United States (View Map)

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Full Description

Why Business Intelligence? BI is a survival tool, not an information resource. Of course law firms gather and tag data for a multitude of reasons, and are awash in rich information about the work they do. But business intelligence has an existential purpose, essential to law firms hoping to survive the brutal, selective pressures of today’s marketplace.

BI is also a design tool. We don't often think of BI as a design tool, but that is its core purpose —helping to redesign businesses in a constantly shifting landscape, rife with mortal peril. Law firms, and perhaps even entire legal markets, are mortal as well. We see more predators lurking in the trees every day—virtual firms, LPOs, process automation…even practice automation.

And therein is the larger story of why we do BI. Business intelligence is only useful to the extent that it extends and enriches the lifespan of the businesses it serves.

Ark Group’s 6th annual Business Intelligence and Analytics in the Legal Profession conference will once again provide an ideal platform for discussion and debate concerning how analytic tools can be leveraged to accelerate productivity and analysis across key firm dimensions.

Attendees will also explore some of the greater challenges and opportunities inherent to our shifting legal business ecosystem – and how effective BI can help firms to engage in an evolution that impacts both the business and the practice of law.

Do law firms today possess the knowledge and understanding to properly assess the opportunity that lies before them? How can we collectively become informed enough to apply these tools in the context of what our work and clients demand? What specific skills are critical to this endeavor, and which skills are we missing (and how do we fill those gaps)?

We hope you will join us, along with your industry peers this April in New York, as we collectively address the increasing prevalence and significance of data analytics and visualization tools — and how law firms are responding to an evolving business landscape in which they must reconsider how they compete — as well as who they are actually competing with...