Business Intelligence and Analytics in the Legal Profession

How analytics are being used to accelerate productivity across key firm dimensions - driving the development of standards, metrics and processes reflective of the firm’s broader business strategy


  • 30 July, 2020 - 31 July, 2020
  • ARK Group US c/o Wilmington FRA, 3420 Toringdon Way, Suite 240, Charlotte, NC, 28277, United States ()

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Full Description

Business Intelligence & Analytics in the Legal Profession has gone virtual

Data and analytics have become table stakes for nearly every law firm of every size and scope.

But not all firms utilize the data at their fingertips to their greatest advantage be it for for internal efficiencies and talent acquisition; to shaping strategies at trial and maximizing value to clients.

How do you know if your firm is making the most of its business intelligence?

Ark Group’s 9th annual Business Intelligence & Analytics in the Legal Profession conference will give insight, actionable information and invaluable networking opportunities that will help you and your firm engage and breakthrough to the next level of business intelligence and data analytics maximizing results internally and with clients.

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