How to Effectively Evaluate New Legal Technology Products

A guide to selecting the most high-value legal tech tools for your law firm


  • 16 November, 2017
  • 10:00 - 10:00

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Full Description

Legal technology is booming, but separating the signal from the noise can be difficult and time-consuming.  KM professionals and law librarians are often at the front lines of assessing cutting edge products, but may struggle with efficiently identifying any particular product as a “winner.”  As the legal tech industry grows, this will continue to be a more demanding role for KM and library staff.  

This web-based discussion will cover actionable recommendations on how to assess a product from a (1) demo and pitch (2) through a product trial and finally (3) to a usage report and contract.  The webinar facilitators will focus on new, artificial intelligence-based products - though the structure will apply to many other types of technology as well. Attendees will hear from leading KM professionals, as well as a vendor who has worked extensively with KM and library professionals at dozens of firms to develop product trials that accurately demonstrate how the product would perform at the firm.



 Learn the signs a KM or library professional should look for in a product pitch

Apply best practices for structuring a product pilot/trial

Evaluate key criteria for whether a product pilot/trial was successful or not

Understand what to ask trial participants to determine whether the firm should buy/use the tool/platform

This webinar is designed for library, KM, and/or legal technology professionals actively seeking out and evaluating cutting-edge legal technology. It is tailored to those who are focused on homing in on the tools that will give your firm an edge and make you a hero to your attorneys.