Legal Lean Sigma ® and Legal Project Management White Belt Certification

An experiential and interactive certification course providing disciplined approaches, tools, and skills to take your role, firm, or department to a new level of excellence and profitability through the use of Lean, Six Sigma, Process Improvement and the fundamental drivers of Project Management


  • 05 December, 2017
  • 09:00 - 17:00
  • 525 W Monroe Street, Chicago, IL, 60661, United States (View Map)

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8:00AM Registration & Breakfast

8:30AM Welcome: Introductions

8:45AM Kickoff: The PI/PM Connection

9:15AM Demonstration of a Timekeeping and Billing Process (Simulation)

9:45AM Key Process Improvement Methodologies

10:45AM Morning Coffee Break

11:00AM Key Project Management Concepts

11:30AM DMAIC: Define Phase. Project Charters, Client Requirements, Voice of the Client 

12:15PM Networking Luncheon

12:45PM Techniques for Building and Managing a Fast Process

1:10PM Define Phase: Process Mapping

1:45PM Project Planning, Scoping, and Budgeting

3:00PM Afternoon Coffee Break

3:15PM Connecting the Dots: Benefitting from Efficiency

3:45PM Metrics - Measure Phase

4:15PM Collaborative Conversations

4:25PM PI & PM in Action: Exercise

4:35PM Structuring for Success and Getting Started

4:45PM Summary and Wrap-Up



Full Description

Today's law firm and law department professionals are faced with continued challenges and opportunities to help maximize efficiencies. In reconnecting legal costs to the value received, we must begin with the voice of the client and then devise and employ strategies that deliver what clients want and competitive advantages for themselves. With process improvement (PI) and project management (PM), there are no tradeoffs – no one loses and everyone wins.

This combined Legal Lean Sigma Process Improvement & Project Management White Belt Certification course will give you proven, disciplined approaches, tools and skills to take your role (and your firm, group, or department) to a new level of excellence and profitability. It is designed to provide an overview of Lean, Six Sigma and the fundamental drivers of project management and the essential elements of a quality project management initiative.

The instructors have experience providing PI and PM courses and programs to lawyers and professional staff in academia, law firms and legal departments. They have also served as consultants on numerous PI and LPM projects and initiatives.

This certification course is experiential and interactive and requires full participation in order to be effective. Participants will leave with an appreciation for how project management, process improvement, law firm profitability and client satisfaction are inextricably linked.

Upon completion of this workshop, each attendee will receive a Certification in Legal Lean Sigma and Legal Project Management from the Legal Lean Sigma Institute.

Top industry speakers

Catherine Alman MacDonagh

Catherine Alman MacDonagh, JD created Legal Lean Sigma® and is the founder of the Legal Lean Sigma Institute.  A former corporate counsel, Catherine is known for her thought leadership and first-to-market successes as a law firm marketing and business development executive. Now a highly rated instructor, speaker, and consultant, she works with law firms, legal departments and legal service providers to improve the way work is done, delivered and managed. She is focused on creating competitive advantages and organizational transformation through the development, planning, and implementation of innovative strategies, process improvement projects, and business development training and coaching programs. She is a Legal Lean Sigma Black Belt and a certified Six Sigma Green Belt.

Timothy Corcoran

Tim Corcoran is a principal with the Corcoran Consulting Group, He advises law firm leaders, in-house counsel, and legal service providers on how to profit during a time of great change. This includes assisting law firm leaders with business strategy, primarily in the areas of operational excellence and business growth, and assisting in-house counsel manage preferred provider programs. He also advises legal service providers on market dynamics and sales force readiness. He is an expert on law firm and in-house counsel relations.

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