2020 Vision: The Future of Legal Services

This guide is designed to help law firm leaders assess the lay of the legal landscape, prepare for foreseeable change, and above all to position themselves so that they are ready to respond to the unseen challenges and opportunities ahead.


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In the decade leading up to the economic downturn, revenues in the legal sector grew steadily every year.  But that has changed. What is more, the pace of change continues to accelerate as new non-traditional competitors emerge, technologies evolve, and client demands for cheaper more efficient services threaten firms’ profitability.

The speed of evolution is such that, looking just five years into the future, we can predict even more major changes for law firms.  

Ark Group and Managing Partner’s new book – 2020 Vision: The Future of Legal Services – brings together the advice of leading industry practitioners and consultants who scan the legal horizon for indicators of change, offer their predictions, and share experience and practical guidance to help law firm leaders prepare for what is coming up next.

The Future of Legal Services features:

  • Patrick J. McKenna – Identifying, analyzing and constructing new opportunities out of future trends
  • Patrick Johansen – Evolving pricing functions into a value-focused proposition
  • Thomas Berman – Why making certain technology and business changes will be essential for most firms
  • Deborah McMurray – Having a better understanding of your clients’ needs to keep you ahead of your competition
  • Patrick J. McKenna – How shared leadership is increasingly being seen as win-win strategy
  • Jim Hassett – Legal project management: An opportunity for firms to gain a competitive advantage
  • Jill King – The “future normal”: Adapting to the millennial generation’s expectations
  • Chrissie Lightfoot – Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into the legal profession 

2020 Vision: The Future of Legal Services then closes with two intensely forward-looking pieces from Tim Mohan, and Steven J. Harper, which offer bold predictions for the evolution of the profession over the next five years. 

In this fast-moving, competitive, increasingly varied environment, only the most agile firms – those able to respond rapidly to future trends – are likely to succeed.


Chapter 1: Seeing the future first – Analyzing strategic trends

Chapter 2: Beyond pricing – Legal services must learn to talk value

Chapter 3: Foretelling the future – The practice of law as it will be (Hint: Don’t be left out!)

Chapter 4: How can you stay ahead of your competition? Win more. Experience management is the answer

Chapter 5: The challenge of sharing leadership

Chapter 6: Legal project management – An opportunity for fi rms to gain a competitive advantage

Chapter 7: Legal revolution – The “future normal” and the changing nature of work

Chapter 8: Robot law

Chapter 9: Ten predictions regarding the future of larger law firms and large firm lawyers

Chapter 10: Looking for change in all the wrong places

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Patrick J McKenna
Author, lecturer, strategist, and advisor to the leaders of premier law fi rms
Patrick Johansen
CLM CPP, law firm pricing thought leader
Thomas Berman
Founder, Berman & Associates
Deborah McMurray
Founder, CEO and strategy architect at Content Pilot LLC
Jim Hassett
Author and Founder, LegalBizDev.
Jill King
Consultant at Jill King Insights, and former global HR director at Linklaters
Chrissie Lightfoot
CEO of EntrepreneurLawyer Limited
Tim Mohan
Chief Executive Partner at Chapman and Cutler LLP
Steven J. Harper
Adjunct professor at Northwestern University’s School of Law and Weinberg College of Arts & Science

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