AI in Application: An in-depth examination from the legal profession

Up-to-the-minute insight into AI use cases in the legal industry, showing how artificial intelligence is being employed in law firms and law departments.


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  • Publication date: March, 2018
  • Pages: 100
  • ISBN: 978-1-78358-320-1


AI is being touted as the biggest disruptor of legal services in living memory. Claims that “100,000 legal roles are to become automated”, and “robots will replace lawyers in the next 20-30 years” mean that the trend cannot be ignored.

In December 2016, ARK’s best-selling Robots in Law – a vendor neutral primer on what artificial intelligence could do in legal services was published. This was written as a snapshot of how things stood at that point in time. It was early days for AI in legal, so it wasn’t about implementation or adoption but about technological developments and possible uses.

A year later, this book focuses on how firms have begun to adopt and use AI, providing detailed insight into the different practice areas or functions that AI has been used to drive efficiencies.

The book is designed to help law firms learn lessons from previous implementations and consider which technology would be right for them to adopt.


AI in application: case studies from the legal profession


Executive summary


Joanna Goodman, freelance journalist, writer, and author

Chapter 1: Teamwork, expertise, accuracy and collaboration – an award-winning AI combination

Kate Boyd, vice president of marketing, Kira Systems

Chapter 2: Preventative maintenance – how AI is helping reduce internal risk at Bates Wells Braithwaite

Peter Bennet, partnership executive officer, Bates Wells Braithwaite

Chapter 3: AI and Big Law – from ground zero to three AI systems in 12 months

Milos Kresojevic, founder, AI.Legal Labs

Chapter 4: Easing the pain of regulatory compliance with machine learning

Sondra Rebenchuk, PR and communications lead, Kira Systems

Chapter 5: Get legal – how automated legal documents will change the legal profession

Peter Bennet, partnership executive officer, Bates Wells Braithwaite

Chapter 6: Democratizing the law by utilizing AI to cut costs

Andrew Arruda, CEO and co-founder, ROSS Intelligence

Chapter 7: iManage RAVN and Keoghs – streamlining the process of handling insurance disputes

Dene Rowe, partner and director of product development at Keoghs

Chapter 8: How data is pushing the corporate legal department to the center of organizational decision-making

Karl Chapman, Riverview Law

Chapter 9: Overview of AI applications across the globe

Richard Tromans, innovation consultant to law firms at TromansConsulting and editor of

Chapter 10: The future of law firms and technology – AI, blockchain, the Internet of Things and Big Data

Robert Millard, Director, Cambridge Strategy Group

Chapter 11: AI in application – original research

ARK Group


Andrew Arruda
Andrew Arruda is a Canadian entrepreneur and lawyer, and chief executive officer and co-founder of the artificial intelligence company ROSS Intelligence, a leader in the legal technology industry. Andrew speaks internationally on the subjects of AI, legal technology, and entrepreneurship, and has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, BBC, Wired, CNBC, CBS, Bloomberg, Fortune, Inc., Forbes, TechCrunch, the Washington Post, and the Financial Times. A member of the Forbes 30 under 30 class of 2017, as well as a 2016 TED speaker, Andrew aims to forever change the way legal services are delivered. Prior to cofounding ROSS Intelligence, he worked at a Toronto litigation boutique and with the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development in Lisbon, Portugal.
Peter Bennett
Peter Bennett has been chief operating offi cer (COO) of Bates Wells Braithwaite since 2006. During that time BWB has expanded from £8 million to £25 million with a 225 headcount, converted to an LLP and then to an ABS, and has then become the only law fi rm in the UK to gain the world accreditation for being a socially responsible profi t-making business (B Corps). He is the compliance offi cer for fi nance and administration (COFA), risk manager, data protection offi cer, leads the risk and compliance service, as well as having director level reports in accounting, Human Resources (HR), fi nance and Information Technology (IT).
Kate Boyd
Kate Boyd is vice president of marketing at Kira Systems. With more than 20 years’ experience working with professional services companies around the world to embed cutting edge technology, she believes the combinations of great teams empowered with great technology opens exciting opportunities for firms of all sizes. Kate lives in Brooklyn where she geeks out over AI, cool tech, live jazz and peanut butter-filled pretzels.
Karl Chapman
Karl Chapman is CEO of Riverview Law and Chairman of the Board of Kim Technologies. Riverview Law provides customers with a flexible, customer focused approach to the provision of legal services, underpinned by talented people, effective processes, scalable technology, and a customer-centric culture. Kim Technologies a leading edge software company that applies artificial intelligence capabilities to knowledge automation in any sector. 
Joanna Goodman
Joanna Goodman is a freelance journalist, writer, and author. She covers business and technology topics for national publications and blue-chip corporates. She is the IT columnist for the Law Society Gazette and writes regular features for The Guardian about cutting-edge technology, brands, and media. Her favourite topics include artificial intelligence, robots and chatbots, virtual assistants, connected devices, driverless cars, and virtual and augmented reality – and she’s always interested in finding out about technology that’s new and different. Her professional life reflects her interests in technology, books, art, and design. Joanna has written several short films and an independent feature film, Alfheim’s Edge (2016). She has an MBA in strategic management from Kingston University. Joanna is based in London. She likes films, going to dance classes, and travelling to new destinations. 
Dene Row
Dene Rowe is a partner, director of product development and sits on the executive board at Keoghs. In this role, Dene is responsible for developing Keoghs’ product offering and also takes responsibility for the firm's information technology, from which he leads the innovation in the firm's case management and intelligence systems. Dene's experience in management of many legal, technology, insurance industry, and insurance litigation teams has given him a breadth of experience across all aspects of Keoghs’ business areas and services.
Richard Tromans
Richard Tromans is the founder of Tromans Consulting, which advises lawyers on strategy and innovation, including the adoption of legal AI/automation technology and its business benefits and impact. He has spent over 19 years working in the legal sector, focused on the UK and global legal markets. Richard is also the founder of the global legal AI and new technology site, Artificial Lawyer – – which was recently recognized as one of the top 50 information sites in the world on artificial intelligence. See for more information.
Robert Millard
Robert Millard is director of Cambridge Strategy Group (CSG,) a virtual management consultancy in the UK that utilizes a sophisticated digital collaboration platform to leverage a network of leading specialists in a variety of areas of business strategy and management. The firm is focused primarily on professional services and other deep knowledge enterprises. Rob is immediate past co-chair of the IBA’s Law Firm Management Committee and currently serves on the steering committee of the IBA’s “President’s task force on the future of legal services”. He is based in Cambridge, UK, but his clients span the globe. In addition to being well known for its leading position in the market and the trail blazing nature of its legal advice, Slaughter and May is a firm that constantly challenges itself to think differently, fostering a culture of innovation and harnessing the latest market developments to ensure that its legal service provision is cutting edge in all aspects. Prior to joining Kira Systems, PR and communications lead, Sondra Rebenchuk practiced at the law firm Goodmans LLP in Toronto, where she focused on M&A and securities, and later transitioned to strategic communications firm, Longview Communications. She is passionate about the innovation of the practice of law and enjoys sharing stories of how individuals and firms are making remarkable contributions to the industry.
Milos Kresojevic
Milos Kresojevic is the founder of AI.Legal Labs, and a thought leader on use of AI in legal industry. From IBM Research Lab, Silicon Valley to Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Milos has contributed to the Law Society’s report on “Technology Innovation in Legal Services” and is a regular speaker on AI and Big Law in New York and London.  Milos was the winner of the first European LegalTech Hackathon. Milos’ major professional experience stems from work in the IBM Research Lab and Silicon Valley on major innovative efforts for blue chip and start-up companies in the financial, insurance, transportation, and software sectors. Milos has an MBA degree from Columbia University and London Business School.