Assigning Responsibilities For Training - Video

Talk from ARK's 12th Annual Risk Management Conference held on 1-2 December 2015 in London.

Duration: 37 minutues.

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  • Publication date: February, 2016


Ensuring competence is the premier operational risk in law firms and yet the issue of legal education and training is often subcontracted to HR or an L&D officer by the COLP. How can the COLP assist colleagues to maintain and enhance their competence so that they are able to make the Annual Declaration that they have considered their learning and development needs and taken measures to maintain their competence? 


  • What does the SRA mean by ‘competence’?
  • The new CPD framework
  • What can we learn from L&D in the medical profession?
  • The nature and effectiveness of educational tools to assess competence
  • L&D as an operational risk and tools and techniques to evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of L&D initiatives

Here is a snippet of the whole conference


Jane Jarman
Jane  is a professional indemnity litigation solicitor and reader in legal education. Her expertise is in legal professional privilege and professional ethics, as well as the education of legal practitioners and regulation of legal practice. Jane has research interests in professional ethics and regulation, anti-money laundering, fraud in the professions, teaching legal skills (interviewing and drafting), and education in the workplace.