Business Development for Law Firms (2nd Edition)

This report provides practical advice on business development practices for law firms from the perspective of revenue generation and client engagement at partner level.

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  • Publication date: July, 2013
  • Pages: 105
  • ISBN: 9781783580491
  • This book will develop SRA competency:


Recent research by The Lawyer has revealed that law firm business development efforts are years behind other professional service firms and BD is therefore unsurprisingly high on the agenda for law firms going forward!

The legal profession has gone through a period of unparalleled change and law firms and their partners have to focus increasing efforts on business development as they strive to win market share.

Managing Partner’s new report, Business Development for Law Firms, second edition by industry expert Laurie Young, provides in-depth and practical guidance on concepts such as rainmaking, client relationship management, brand management, and cross-selling from the perspective of revenue generation and client engagement at partner level.

Key subjects covered include:

  • The business development and growth strategies that will specifically work for different firms based on firm size and clients.
  • The common mistakes and bad practices to avoid in a firm’s BD efforts.
  • Evaluating the firm’s client portfolio in terms of profitability and measuring business development efforts.
  • The report also clearly outlines the principles of partner-level business development and the guidance provides practical methods by which these can be adopted. These include:
    • The development of a strong reputation;
    • The significance of trust and increasing it with clients;
    • Pipeline management and ensuring the generation of business fits into the working day; and
    • Structured approaches to market analysis and techniques by which analysis can be carried out.
  • As well as the principles outlined above, the report contains actionable advice on writing and using a business development plan.

The report also contains case studies from renowned firms including Allen & Overy and Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer and business development experts such as Richard Susskind.

Ensure your firm is implementing the right business development plan that will aid growth and protect its market share in the future.


Chapter 1: Successful business development in the professions

Chapter 2: Approaches to business development in different-sized practices

Chapter 3: Current trends in practice development

Chapter 4: The principles of partner-level business development

Chapter 5: Avoiding pitfalls, distortions, and common mistakes in business development

Chapter 6: Codification and management of partner-level growth strategies

Chapter 7: International perspectives on business development

Chapter 8: Using specialist support staff effectively: Beyond ‘party planners’

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Laurie Young
Laurie Young was an internationally-recognised specialist in the marketing and selling of legal services, and one of the few independent advisers to the profession who had been a partner in a leading firm. Laurie’s career included senior positions at BT, Unisys, and PricewaterhouseCoopers (where he was global marketing partner for their corporate advisory division). He was chairman of the Strategic Planning Society but also found time for advisory work, teaching, conference speaking, and, his first love, writing. He regularly spoke at a range of events every year from company seminars to larger international conferences. As an adviser, he helped with the resolution of strategic marketing issues, brand strategy, new service design, and client care programmes. He chaired Fujitsu’s ‘Customer experience management’ panel and was on the ‘Innovation Board’ of Allen & Overy. In addition to contributed articles and expert comment in the national press, Laurie had 10 books and over 100 articles published. Laurie sadly passed away in September 2013.

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