Business Planning for Law Firms

Cut costs, restructure areas affected by the downturn and secure a competitive market position for your firm

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Managing Partner’s Business Planning for Law Firms report is a unique, no-nonsense guide. The report is written specifically to help you develop a business strategy that will not only sustain your law firm through tough economic times but make changes that will improve cost efficiency, productivity and client relationships.

This highly-valuable new report, written by Paul Gilbert, examines the now significant challenges to operating a successful, competitive law firm and highlights important opportunities afforded by the changing legal landscape. By analysing successful business strategies in a variety of firms the report will help you establish new best practice and develop the right response for your firm.

Subjects covered include:

  • Resource planning, particularly people resources/human capital;
  • Trainees…deferment, cancellation or business as usual?
  • Preserving talent in recessionary times;
  • Ensuring that your business plan is aligned with the needs of clients;
  • Engaging heads of practice group and other relevant people in business planning;
  • Threats and opportunities from the Legal Services Act;
  • Procurement and differentiating your firm in a panel review;
  • Refocusing/restructuring areas which have been affected by the downturn;
  • Cost/fee models;
  • Reviewing expenditure – what to consider when making cut backs;
  • Emerging from the downturn with a strong and competitive market position;
  • Ensuring support functions are adding maximum value. Is it wise to make cut backs on CSR, marketing, diversity, IT, etc.?
  • Looking at short, medium and long term plans.

This report provides a significant insight into the client point of view, with particular feedback as to what represents high quality, value added service from the client perspective.

"Paul has a refreshing style of approach - commercial, considered, honest, perceptive." — Andrew Bennett, Chief Executive, Business Services Group at DLA

"Paul Gilbert truly understands the actual issues being faced by law departments today - performance measurement, how to demonstrate value, required skills, organisational models - and responds to these issues in an innovative manner." — David Greaves, Vice President and General Counsel, SITA



Chapter 1: Resource planning and the value of your people

Chapter 2: Ensuring that your business plan is aligned with your clients’ needs

Chapter 3: The growing importance of the panel review process

Chapter 4: Creating a firm-wide strategy for your business plan

Chapter 5: Adding significant additional value for successful client engagement

Chapter 6: The business cycle of the economic downturn – preparing for recovery

Chapter 7: The law firm model following deregulation and post-recession

Chapter 8: The business strategy

Chapter 9: The world has not ended


Paul Gilbert
Founder and chief executive, LBC Wise Counsel, a specialist management consultancy for law firms and in-house legal teams with a particular focus on change management,  relationship management, strategic planning and personal development.

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