Creating a Successful Law Firm Intranet

Build and maintain a successful intranet that will meet the unique needs of your law firm

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This essential new report provides a step-by-step look at each vital phase of a successful intranet redesign project. It explains why user involvement is critical, how to engage users in an intranet project and what tasks users will perform throughout the life-cycle of the intranet project.

Creating a Successful Law Firm Intranet begins with guidance on how to build a compelling business case that will gain the support needed to help ensure the project is a success from the outset and how to identify the roles and responsibilities of your team.

Each part of the project is covered in detail and includes processes, helpful hints and suggested tools that will enable you to successfully move on to the next phase.

In each section expected deliverables and outcomes are explained and a case study demonstrates the methodology and processes being used successfully or in some cases demonstrating how not using these methods can be disastrous. Law firm case study contributors include Baker Donelson, Reed Smith and Torys.

In detail:

  • Research: How to collect data; understanding use of your existing intranet or the current processes you use to share knowledge and complete administrative tasks. The types of data to collect and how to analyse and compile the information to be useful throughout the project.
  • Design: Explaining the five areas - requirements, project plan, architecture, visual and staffing - in detail.   
  • Describing the role users must play in the design of your intranet. Working with users to validate and test design deliverables, ensuring you are building the right tools.
  • Development: A discussion of build vs. buy when it comes to technology tools. Providing an overview of key tools that are important to a law firm's intranet and the five pitfalls to avoid during development.
  • Rollout: How to plan a successful intranet rollout. The three steps to a successful rollout and five communication ideas to put into the rollout strategy.
  • Measurement and maintenance: What to measure and how to plan for changes to a firm's intranet for the future. 

By following these best practices, you will be able to create a successful intranet management team, design a successful project plan and use the methods described in this report to successfully develop, launch and maintain your intranet into the future.


Chapter 1: Building the business case

Chapter 2: Governance and staffing

Chapter 3: Process models

Chapter 4: Research – critical for success

Chapter 5: Design

Chapter 6: Develop

Chapter 7: Rollout

Chapter 8: Measure and maintain


Nina Platt
Owner and principal consultant, Nina Platt Consulting, Inc.
Laurie Southerton
Certified usability analyst (CUA) and owner, Southerton Consulting & Art, LLC.
Amy Witt
Consultant, Nina Platt Consulting, Inc.

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