Cyber Security: Threats and Solutions

Using practical examples and easy-to-understand illustrations, Cyber Security: Threats and Solutions outlines the most common cyber-attacks being used today, explains the risks, and demonstrates how to mitigate them and remain secure.

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  • Publication date: July, 2013
  • Pages: 100
  • ISBN: 9781783580699


In the UK alone cybercrime costs the economy £27billion per year with businesses bearing the lion’s share at £21billion.

Major cyber-attacks are now today’s most significant risk and ensuring your key decision-makers know the basic principles of cyber-security and attack techniques is your organisation’s first line of defence.

Ark Group’s Cyber Security: Threats and Solutions is written specifically with the non-technical reader in mind.

Using practical examples and easy-to-understand illustrations it outlines the most common cyber-attacks being used today, explains the risks, and demonstrates how to mitigate them and remain secure.

Advice is also provided on business continuity and disaster recovery methods that can be implemented immediately in the event of an attack. Key topics covered will enable you to:

  • Understand the impact and risks of cyber-crime on your business;
  • Build the business case for a cyber-security programme;
  • Devise a framework for educating employees as to the importance of cyber security; 
  • Design a governance action plan for cyber security;
  • Develop and implement a threat assessment process; and
  • Implement a cyber-crisis response for your organisation.

PLUS…Contained within the complimentary CDROM you’ll find all the checklists featured throughout the report with practical steps to protect your organisation against cybercrime.


Chapter 1: Cyber criminals – Profiles, motives, and techniques

Chapter 2: Why cyber attacks occur

Chapter 3: The impact and cost of cybercrime

Chapter 4: From an army of one to the botnet

Chapter 5: E-crime

Chapter 6: Employees and risk

Chapter 7: Governance.

Chapter 8: Assessing risks

Chapter 9: Devising or updating controls

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Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson is a prominent writer, speaker, and thinker on current and emerging high technology risks and the author of two books on the subject. Immensely proud of his complete lack of technical education, Mark specialises in painstakingly deciphering the computer talk emanating from conventional subject matter experts and formulating common-sense explanations, conclusions, and recommendations for the layperson. Mark is chairman of The Risk Management Group (TRMG) which provides consultancy and training in several areas of high technology risk. Areas covered include cybercrime and security, mobile payments risk and fraud, and cyber crisis response, as well as telecoms revenue assurance. TRMG is also very active on the conference circuit and it supplies a number of free educational resources on various aspects of risk via its website. With its long list of blue chip references, TRMG was recently selected by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Data Communications Group (DCG) Futures Group to prepare illustrated guidance for the UK Police on emerging mobile payments technology risks and investigations.

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