The Decision Maker's Guide to Cloud Strategy and Governance

The ultimate strategic guide to understanding and implementing cloud computing within your organisation

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  • Publication date: July, 2011
  • Pages: 79
  • ISBN: 9781907787973


As a key decision-maker you’re probably aware of the business benefits cloud can provide, with reduced costs, streamlined services and increased efficiency the main drawing cards. But how do you align cloud with your organisation’s overall business strategy?

Whilst cloud is a low cost, easily obtained and highly reliable service, the key requirements and legal and operational risks that need to be considered differ for every organisation.

Ark Group’s, Decision-Makers Guide to Cloud Strategy and Governance is the ultimate strategic guide to understanding and implementing cloud computing within your organisation.

Along with practical checklists, examples and guidelines, leading technology experts provide invaluable advice within this practical handbook to enable you to:

  • Understand the key benefits and cost-saving options for your business;
  • Understand the legal and operational risks and challenges of cloud computing;
  • Follow a roadmap for building the business case for cloud and getting senior sponsorship on-board;
  • Identify the best deployment model/type of cloud for your business;
  • Negotiate secure, cost-effective, optimal Service Legal Agreements and contracts – checklist included;
  • Understand the privacy and data protection issues that evolve once your data enters the cloud;
  • Implement guidelines for optimal data security and risk management in relation to cloud – checklists included;
  • Identify the opportunities for growth and increased ROI; and
  • Develop a best-practice customised cloud strategy that is aligned with your overall IT and business plan.
  • Real-life case studies also demonstrate how to successfully overcome the key challenges involved in securing and implementing a customised cloud solution for your business.



Chapter 1: Cloud business benefits and deployment options

Chapter 2: Building the business case

Chapter 3: Aligning cloud governance with IT and business strategies

Chapter 4: The regulation of cloud computing

Chapter 5: Cloud security and risk management

Chapter 6: The future of cloud

Case study: Consolidating suppliers and supporting continued expansion

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Jeff Wright
Partner, Morgan Cole LLP
Justin Pirie
Leading SaaS and cloud specialist, Mimecast
Mark O’ Connor
Partner and Location Head of the Intellectual Property and Technology Team, DLA Piper
Martin Male
CEO and Consulting Director, Bluefish Communications
Maurice Remmé
Global Practice Manager, Getronics
Maurice van der Woude
Strategic Advisor and General Director, EuroCloud Europe
Steve Kuncewicz
Intellectual Property and Media Lawyer, Gateley LLP

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