Digitising Records and Information Assets

Optimise employee productivity through enhanced information sharing capabilities

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  • Publication date: October, 2010
  • Pages: 98
  • ISBN: 9781907787126


Thought about going paper-less yet?

At a time of extensive budget cuts and increased scrutiny of spending, implementing an effective digitisation strategy can help you develop leaner internal operations that maximise efficiency, reduce costs and optimise employee productivity through enhanced information sharing capabilities.

Ark Group’s report on Digitising Records and Information Assets is a step-by-step digitisation guide which once understood and implemented, will enable you to store, access, manage, retrieve and optimise your corporate data effectively on a daily basis.

The first half of this practical report sets out an overall digitisation development and implementation framework and guides you through each vital phase of a high performance project. It covers a range of topics that will enable you to:

  • Gain an understanding of the key benefits of digitising records; 
  • Assess your current record-keeping situation and requirements in relation to e-documents; 
  • Educate employees about the need to digitise manual records to improve processes; 
  • Design and implement a customised digitisation strategy; 
  • Evaluate outcomes and demonstrate the benefits of digitising records; 
  • Reduce vulnerability to threats in terms of data management; 
  • Synergise internal systems and external services to leverage business opportunities; and 
  • Overcome the challenges of engaging all levels of staff and resources required.

The second half of the report features real-life, practical case studies and examples from a range of organisations which have addressed digitisation projects via a series of successful implementation approaches. These include:

  • Improving digitisation awareness within the UK research sector; 
  • Digitising patient records in the UK national health sector; 
  • Integrating digitisation into e-records management programmes within UK local government and Learning lessons from digitisation disasters.


Chapter 1: Introducing enterprise digitisation projects

Chapter 2: Building a business case for enterprise digitisation

Chapter 3: Planning and delivering the enterprise digitisation project

Chapter 4: Implementing digitisation standards

Chapter 5: Exploring technology accelerators for enterprise digitisation

Chapter 6: Understanding the legal and regulatory environment

Chapter 7: Achieving corporate integration and high performance

Chapter 8: Digitisation futures

Check our Executive Summary and full table of contents here


Robin Smith
Head of information governance, Northampton General Hospital. Formerly marketing director, the Records Management Society UK.

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