Effective Complaint Management

Implement a successful and tailored complaint management strategy for your organisation

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All organisations fail their customers at some point – that’s inevitable.

What separates service leaders from the rest is how they respond to customers left dissatisfied by their mistake.

Leading organisations know that effective complaint management not only increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, but it drives operational improvement and overall organisational performance.

Ark Group’s Effective Complaint Management report is a step-by-step guide to creating and implementing a successful and tailored complaint management strategy for your organisation, covering key areas including: 

  • The benefits and principles of effective complaint management; 
  • Understanding and implementing the key elements of a complaint management scheme: 
  • Complaint handling process; 
  • Roles and responsibilities; 
  • Promotion, publicity and accessibility; 
  • Monitoring and auditing; 
  • Organisational culture and commitment;
  • Complaint management models and structures; 
  • Decentralised vs centralised approaches to handling complaints; 
  • Regulations, legislation, standards; and the use and formation of ombudsmen and other external dispute resolution schemes; 
  • Innovative approaches for engaging staff and customers in the learning process; 
  • Key requirements for complaint management information and communication technology (ICT); 
  • How technology impacts in areas such as customer self service, feedback and tracking; 
  • How to actively review and implement your business-wide complaint management strategy; and 
  • Future advancements in complaint management.

Valuable behind-the-scenes access is provided into the successful complaint management strategies of a number of leading public and private sector organisations including London Borough of Southwark, Cancer Research UK, and London TravelWatch.
The report also features useful appendices, including:

  • An example of legislation; 
  • A template customer feedback policy (used as a starting point for organisations operating within a regulated complaint handling environment); 
  • A list of example ombudsmen and other global dispute resolution schemes from around the world; and 
  • A directory of membership, research, awards and standards organisations operating in the areas of complaints management.

Effective Complaint Management is essential reading for any organisation wishing to enhance customer satisfaction, profitability and reputation through superior customer service.


Chapter 1: Understanding and defining customer dissatisfaction

Chapter 2: Implementing a complaint management process

Chapter 3: Complaint management regulations, legislation and standards

Chapter 4: Using complaints to drive learning and improvement

Chapter 5: Complaint management information and communication technology (ICT)

Chapter 6: Implementing a business-wide complaint management strategy

Chapter 7: The final complaint

Check our Executive Summary and full table of contents here


Michael Hill
Founder and managing director of complaintsrgreat.com, a company he set up in 2000 to champion the benefits of effective complaint management. Michael is also a judge at the UK National Customer Service Awards, a board member of the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP in Europe), a customer service committee member for the British Standards Institution and an independent complaints reviewer for Metropolitan Home Ownership.

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