Family Law Practice: An expert Guide

This report reviews the changes taking place in family law practice and offers practical tips on how practitioners can respond, with guidelines on topics such as winning work in family law and attracting new clients to expand the business.

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Family law has undergone a sea change in recent years – and the sector is continuing to evolve. Recent reforms to the family justice system in April 2014 have been aimed at improving the way the family law system functions as a whole, streamlining processes, putting the welfare of children first, and, where possible, keeping disputes out of court.

Much has been written about the April 2014 reforms; however, there has been a lack of guidance from the court itself on how these rules will be implemented and followed in practice.

Family Law Practice: An Expert Guide takes stock of the state of family law and offers practical tips on how practitioners can respond – and have responded – to the changes taking place.

Key features include:

  • Insights from well-respected experts and practitioners who have been dealing with these changes;
  • Crucial advice on the emergence of the mediation/arbitration model, which is a new requirement under the Children and Families Act 2014 and an increasing area focus for the government and the courts;
  • Key guidelines for winning work in family law and attracting new clients to expand the business.


Chapter 1: Introduction: A brighter future for family law?

Chapter 2: Family legal aid: Where we are now

Chapter 3: Family justice system reforms: How are they working in practice?

Chapter 4: Child support: The gross income scheme

Chapter 5: Cohabitation: Prevention is better than cure

Chapter 6: Unmarried couples, separation and property

Chapter 7: Undisclosed or undervalued assets and business valuations

Chapter 8: Navigating family dynamics

Chapter 9: Mediation/arbitration: Another choice or a step too far?

Chapter 10: The new networking: How to build a thriving family law practice

Chapter 11: The future of family law services

Check our Executive Summary and full table of contents here


Julia Thackray
Programme director, family law, Central Law Training
Vicky Ling
Consultant, Partnership Quality Systems
Jo Edwards
Partner, Penningtons Manches LLP; chair of Resolution
Jody Atkinson
Barrister, St John’s Chambers
Adam Draper
Partner, Irwin Mitchell LLP
Stephen Parker
Head of the Child Care Department, Greens LLP
Marilyn Stowe
Senior partner, and Sam Harman, researcher, Stowe Family Law
Paul Smethurst
Head of forensic and investigation services at chartered accountants CBW
Elizabeth McManus
Partner, Development Alternatives
Mena Ruparel
Family law consultant solicitor and arbitrator
Suzy Ashworth
Consultant and mediator, Our PSL
Marc Lopatin
Trained family mediator; founder, Lawyer Supported Mediation

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