The Future of Legal Services: Expert Analysis 2nd Edition

Expert guidance on future developments that will help your firm thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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‘Law firms that bury their heads in the sand and hope things will ‘return to normal’ will wither and die.’ Karl Chapman, Chief Executive of Riverview Law

The effects of ABSs, increased regulation, advanced technology, and an increased client focus are now being felt. 

The pressure for law firms to adapt, to innovate, and to drive efficiency and effective strategy to remain profitable continues tenfold.

Managing Partner’s Future of Legal Services: Expert Analysis, second edition features the sought-after views and predictions of respected industry experts on how market trends are currently shaping the future of legal services:

  • Specialists on law firm finances and regulation – Peter Scott of Peter Scott Consulting and Richard Wyatt of Cambridge Blue Square Management;
  • Director of strategic pricing & analytics, Toby Brown of Akin Group LLP;
  • Legal consultants - Tony Reiss of Sherwood PSF Consulting, Andrew Hedley of Hedley Consulting, and legal technology writer Charles Christian;
  • Project and vendor management director, Rick Kathuria of McCarthy Tétrault LLP;
  • Law firm partners - Richard Turnor of Maurice Turnor Gardner LLP, Sol Irvine and Kevin Colangelo (MP) of Yuson & Irvine LLC;
  • Head of knowledge management, Mark Gould of Addleshaw Goddard LLP;
  • Founder and Priciple, Alex Hamilton of Radiant Law; and more...
  • Not only do they reveal their visions for the future of the law firm and the ‘new world’ of legal services, but they provide expert advice on how to tackle the foreseeable challenges and opportunities.

'Firms that can combine a compelling and unique client proposition with a robust and efficient internal operating model will be the ones which build sustainable futures.' – Andrew Hedley, Hedley Consulting

'Clients will shift to law firms that not only provide excellent legal services, but are seen to be helping the client to meet their internal deliverable.' – Rick Kathuria, McCarthy Tétrault LLP

'Greater resources are required if law firms are to achieve and comply with all the Principles, Rules, Outcomes, and other requirements of the SRA Handbook.' – Peter Scott, Peter Scott Consulting

'Law firms will be much more diverse in a decade’s time, and their knowledge processes must diversify in step with organisational change.' - Mark Gould, Addleshaw Goddard LLP

'The finance function will need to report on all key performance indicators in real time and project the financial position forward, based upon the information to hand.' - Richard Wyatt, Cambridge Blue Square Management

The big winners in all this change are customers … and businesses who put customers at the heart of everything they do. What a great time to be involved in a £26bn market place! - Karl Chapman, Chief Executive of Riverview Law

While no crystal ball, this report contains expert insight on where the UK legal industry is heading, along with guidance on strategic developments that will help your firm thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


Chapter 1: The innovation advantage

Chapter 2: The evolution of the market and admission of new entrants

Chapter 3: Alternative fee arrangements and competitive pricing

Chapter 4: Financial management and due diligence – Preparation as the key to success

Chapter 5: Outcomes-focused regulation – Its impact to date and thoughts on likely future repercussions

Chapter 6: Law firm governance in a challenging environment

Chapter 7: Legal project management

Chapter 8: The legal IT world is changing

Chapter 9: The future of KM in law firms

Chapter 10: Outsourcing for law firms

Chapter 11: The rise of the employee value proposition

Chapter 12: The partnership model is dead – Long live the partnership model

Chapter 13: The future of client relationship management and cross selling

Chapter 14: The in-house lawyer – A changing role

Check our Executive Summary and full table of contents here


Alex Hamilton
Founder and principal, Radiant Law
Andrew Hedley
Director, Hedley Consulting Ltd
Charles Christian
Founder, Legal Technology Insider Ltd
Chris Bradish
Associate, Maurice Turnor Gardner LLP
David Ferri
Head of legal at PayPal (EMEA)
Kevin Colangelo
Managing partner at Yuson & Irvine LLC
Manju Jessa
Senior counsel and head of the International Wealth Management legal team, RBC General Counsel Group.
Mark Gould
Mark Gould is the founder of Mark Gould Consulting, a business focused on helping law firms use their knowledge more productively. He works with firms of all sizes, helping them to stand out in their markets by acting as a catalyst for improvement, combining his understanding of xv Innovating for competitive advantage in the legal profession the legal sector with the firm’s deep knowledge. He was head of knowledge management at Addleshaw Goddard LLP between 2006 and 2014, and a PSL at the same firm from 2001. Prior to that, he spent 13 years teaching law at the University of Bristol.
Mike Jones
Founding director, IV League Talent Limited
Peter Scott
Founder, Peter Scott Consulting
Rachel Khiara
Rachel Khiara Rachel Khiara, Principal at Khiara Law LLP, is a pre-eminent advisor in the professional practices sector, working with leading and niche firms, and new entrants into the legal services sector on a wide range of constitutional, financial and structuring issues.
Richard Turnor
Partner, Maurice Turnor Gardner LLP
Richard Wyatt
Owner, Cambridge Blue Square Management
Rick A Kathuria
National director, projectmanagement office and legal logistics, Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP
Toby Brown
Director of strategic pricing & analytics, Akin Gump.
Tony Reiss
Founding principal at Sherwood PSF Consulting

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