International Risk and Compliance for Law Firms

This essential handbook outlines a systematic risk management approach to aid law firms in their due diligence relating to international risk and compliance. It will help you develop a Risk Management Framework for risk identification, analysis, and management on an international scale.

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  • Publication date: October, 2013
  • Pages: 126
  • ISBN: 9781783580774
  • This book will develop SRA competency:


Key report features

  • Provides useful risk classifying models to identify impact and consequence
  • Contains a toolkit to aid with identifying and assessing risk
  • Features useful tables to compare key risks associated with different jurisdictions
  • Details information on the 2013 SRA overseas practice rules

 International borders are crumbling and, with that, comes a valuable source of long-term growth for commercial law firms. And so, too, comes the risk.

 Take three steps forward, and don’t look back

Your firm has much to gain from developing a tailored Risk Management Framework that incorporates an overarching objective; a process for risk identification, analysis, and management; and governance arrangements. A Risk Management Framework:

  1. Strengthens an existing strategic plan
  2. Adds value to clients who are increasingly expecting risk management from a law firm
  3. Provides a simpler approach to implement legislative and regulatory requirements
  4. Reduces vulnerability to cybercrime and commercial espionage
  5. Ensures compliance with the new SRA Code of Conduct.

In this practical report, Alison Hook outlines a systematic, three-step risk management approach to aid your firm in its due diligence relating to international risk and compliance.


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Why adopt an international risk management framework?

Chapter 3: Models and principles of risk management

Chapter 4: External threats – What to look for internationally

Chapter 5: Internally driven threats – The international dimension and what you control

Chapter 6: From threat register to risk management.

Chapter 7: Managing risk

Chapter 8: Bringing it all together

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Alison Hook
Alison is managing director of Hook International, a specialist legal market consultancy which provides strategic advice to regulators, law firms, and other players in the legal sector. Her previous roles have included head of the international department at the Law Society of England and Wales, deputy head of the European Commission’s representation to the UK, and as a member of the cabinet of former European trade commissioner Sir Leon Brittan, in addition to various diplomatic posts in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Alison left the Law Society in London to set up her own international consultancy practice, Hook International. They specialise in advising on cross-border regulatory issues, market access, international law firm strategy, and business development.

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