Law Firm Governance and Measurements of Success

Understand current law firm governance models, where they are going wrong and how they can be improved to secure sustainable growth

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So you’re in – or striving to be in – The Lawyer’s top 200. But are you being measured on what your clients actually find attractive?

With increased demand for efficiency, value added services and effective governance, a ranking based simply on revenue is not sufficiently compelling.

Having an effective governance model and the right measures of success in place are now vital to secure sustainable profitability for your firm.

Managing Partner’s report on Law Firm Governance and Measurements of Success provides a vital examination of:

  • New governance models for law firms of different sizes and complexities;
  • Law firm growth stages and the structural changes necessary to succeed;
  • Overcoming the cultural barriers/issues involved with changing your governance and/or measurement systems;
  • Current measurements of success – internal and external;
  • New medium and long-term success metrics to better support long-term thinking, and payment and reward structures;
  • Attracting clients and external investors through effective reporting of your firm’s success; and more…

Peter Blair, former first chief operating officer of Field Fisher Waterhouse provides cutting-edge analysis on The Lawyer’s top 200 firms by examining what creates their success.

Peter evaluates whether the measures used are effective and demonstrates how by using alternative metrics you can boost your rankings.

Featuring real-life case studies this invaluable report provides a vital insight into current law firm governance models, examines where they are going wrong and how they can be improved to secure sustainable growth.


Chapter 1:The norm – Or law firm 1.0

Chapter 2: Other models

Chapter 3: 21st century governance – Or law firm 2.0

Chapter 4: Roles in the law firm

Chapter 5: Change management

Chapter 6: Current measurements of success

Chapter 7: Other measurements of success

Chapter 8: New measurements of success

Chapter 9: Improving performance

Check our Executive Summary and full table of contents here


Peter Blair
Founding director, Mar-aon Consulting Ltd. Works with law firms and other organisations in the areas of strategic planning, governance, risk management and conflict resolution. Chairman of the Trust for Sustainable Living and The Living Rainforest, a leading sustainability charity based in Newbury. Peter can be contacted via email or at Mar-aon Consulting Ltd.

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