Learning and Development for Law Firms - A Practical Guide

Gain valuable insight into how firms are successfully using L&D to deliver the high levels of performance required to remain competitive in the current business climate

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  • Publication date: December, 2009
  • Pages: 335
  • ISBN: 9781906355937
  • This book will develop SRA competency:


Law firms are right to expect high performance from all their partners and professionals. But what can you do to bring this about?

Forward-thinking firms know that a sound learning and development (L&D) strategy chosen to meet the unique needs of their firm is a vital component to their business success.

Managing Partner’s new report on Learning and Development in Law Firms provides an in-depth look into successful L&D strategies in the current legal market. It examines what works in different sized firms and provides vital guidance on how to select and implement the right approach for your own firm.

Specifically, this report will demonstrate how you can:

  • Use L&D to bring about real performance improvements;
  • Win new business through focused training;
  • Attract and retain talent through exceptional development opportunities;
  • Prepare employees for progression through integrated development programmes;
  • Apply the right kind of learning and development at every level;
  • Maximise the effectiveness of informal learning and knowledge sharing;
  • Use technology and new media such as e-learning, webinars, social networks, wikis, blogs and virtual academies;
  • Use feedback from clients as a powerful catalyst for development;
  • Bring about effective learning and development on a tight budget;
  • Justify the investment in learning and make sure you get the best return.

Featuring real-life practical case studies and examples from top firms including: Clifford Chance, Hammonds LLP, Berrymans Lace Mawer, SBKG & Associes, Kester Cunningham John and more...

You will gain valuable insight into how firms are successfully using L&D to deliver the high levels of performance required to remain competitive in the current business climate.

PLUS... within the report you will find a useful appendices packed with worksheets and templates to work from immediately, including:

  • A multi-dimensional career model;
  • Development and evaluation methods;
  • Coaching and facilitation tips;
  • Appraisals and perception surveys;
  • A sample survey for assessing your firm’s cultural values;
  • And, a practical diagnostic tool to help you assess performance and pinpoint specific areas for action that will deliver the best results for your firm.


Chapter 1: Preparing people for a changing world

Chapter 2: The law firm balancing act – Clients and people

Chapter 3: L&D in the context of improving law firm performance

Chapter 4: Helping people to learn

Chapter 5: L&D to help people advance their careers

Chapter 6: The L&D tool bag

Chapter 7: Using L&D to achieve specific business outcomes

Chapter 8: L&D – Worth the investment

Chapter 9: Achieving results from your L&D strategy

Case study 1: Clifford Chance – Maintaining a clear focus on L&D

Case study 2: SBKG & associés – Mutual commitment is key to L&D

Case study 3: Moses & Singer LLP – Training and reward are closely linked

Case study 4: Matthew, Arnold & Baldwin LLP – L&D is critical to the firm’s future

Case study 5: Kester Cunningham John – Transferring learning

Case study 6: Berrymans Lace Mawer LLP – Keeping L&D close to business needs

Case study 7: Hammonds LLP – L&D is the key to achieving the firm’s strategic aims

Appendix 1: An analysis on the changes affecting the legal profession

Appendix 2: A diagnostic

Appendix 3: A multi-dimensional career model

Appendix 4: Development methods – Advantages and disadvantages

Appendix 5: Coaching tips

Appendix 6: Appraisals

Appendix 7: Perception surveys

Appendix 8: Tips on effective facilitation

Appendix 9: A sample survey for assessing a firm’s cultural values

Appendix 10: Dealing with individual under-performance

Appendix 11: Evaluating L&D

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Phil Gott
Phil Gott is the founder of Firm Academy and has been voted ‘Trainer of the Year’ by the Legal Education & Training Group. His clients include international and magic-circle law firms, niche practices, regional and single-office firms, both in the UK and internationally. Phil authored ‘Managing People in a Law Firm’ in The Law Society’s Practice Management Handbook (June 2009). He has also written a White Paper on ‘Talent Management in Professional Service Firms’. Articles have recently been published in Professional Marketing, The Law Society Gazette, Solicitors Journal and Legal Strategy Review. Phil can be reached via email or at Peopleism Ltd.

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