Making Business Intelligence Work for Your Organisation

Drive productivity and improve innovation and decision-making

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  • Publication date: June, 2011
  • Pages: 111
  • ISBN: 9781907787737


Making Business Intelligence Work for Your Organisation examines and explains the importance of business intelligence (BI) from a management/strategic level within your organisation. It provides key concepts, frameworks and strategies to help you implement and manage your BI initiatives successfully. Specifically, the report will enable you to:

  • Understand the key factors in relation to how BI can help your organisation; 
  • Identify and efficiently manage high-value information and deal with information overload; 
  • Understand and follow guidelines on achieving c-level buy-in; 
  • Follow a framework to develop and implement effective BI strategies; 
  • Improve the efficiency of your role within your organisation; and 
  • Follow a roadmap to implementing organisation-specific BI.

This report narrows the gap between management and IT in relation to BI, covering key topics including: 

  • New frontiers in information and knowledge strategy; 
  • Intelligent technologies to accelerate performance; 
  • Building and integrating information and intelligence management frameworks; 
  • Assessing internal intelligence requirements; 
  • Using BI technologies for information risk management; 
  • Performance management via dashboards; 
  • Improving BI process integration; 
  • Overcoming current BI issues and risks; 
  • Ensuring continuous success in IIM project management; and
  • The imperative of compliance, governance and oversight.

Each chapter is supported by insightful case studies from organisations in a variety of sectors including: technology, banking, law enforcement, manufacturing, healthcare and government. The report also includes useful appendices, key resources and templates which can be used immediately as part of your own BI initiatives, including:

  • An information intelligence management (IIM) framework glossary, 
  • An IIM framework implementation checklist, 
  • An IIM framework strategic vision statement; and 
  • An IIM framework policy statement.


Chapter 1: From information to intelligence management

Chapter 2: Mapping and leveraging value from the corporate information estate

Chapter 3: The BI accelerators

Chapter 4: The BI process

Chapter 5: Assessing IIM maturity

Chapter 6: Integrating BI into the IIM programme

Chapter 7: The importance of compliance, governance and oversight

Chapter 8: Developing an IIM standards portfolio

Chapter 9: Establishing IIM change strategies

Chapter 10: Setting the BI roadmap

Chapter 11: Considering information and intelligence futures

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Robin Smith
Robin Smith is currently head of information governance for Northampton General Hospital. He has worked extensively in the UK police service as a senior information management change manager. He is an established writer, master class leader and lecturer in the development of the open information society and creator of the information risk and intelligence model (IRIM). He is currently completing his PhD in Information Risk Management following his innovative studies of the global banking crisis. Robin was formerly marketing director of the Information & Records Management Society UK and will shortly publish his new book, Blackout: The Coming Collapse of the Digital Society. He is available for contact via email.
Dion Lindsay
Dion Lindsay is an experienced knowledge manager, consultant and trainer. His UK based consultancy, Dion Lindsay Consulting, works with large charities, membership organisations and the public and private sectors on knowledge sharing and management strategies. He is also partner in a world wide consultancy (CyberWorkplace) for remote collaboration techniques. He writes the well-known intranets column in eLucidate, the e-journal for emerging topics in electronic information management, and is a committee member of its publishing body. He is an experienced workshop facilitator on topics including social media in the workplace, for the Ark Group, and intranets, presented with Martin White of Intranet Focus. Dion can be contacted via email at Dion Lindsay Consulting.

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