Making Social Media Work for Your Business

Improve brand strength, competitive advantage, risk management and productivity through an effective and tailored social media strategy

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  • Publication date: August, 2010
  • Pages: 119
  • ISBN: 9781907787379


In the era of social media, good news - and bad news - travels fast!

It is therefore critical that your organisation is equipped to not only exploit the opportunitiesof social media, but to react to breaking negative coverage.

A clear, coherent and joined up social media strategy can help you engage – and profit from - over 145 million Twitter accounts, over 500 million Facebook users and over 200 million blogs posting more than one million new posts daily.

It can also protect your business from the risks inherent in such mass broadcast applications.
Ark Group's report on Making Social Media Work for Your Business will help you: 

  • Gain a solid understanding of the lucrative nature of social media in the context of the evolving business communication landscape.   
  • Identify and learn about the key social media applications currently used by renowned, global organisations.    
  • Identify and collate documentation on the key applications required to develop a customised social media strategy.    
  • Learn how to develop a social media policy that reflects core company values and culture and that complements your social media strategy.    
  • Follow several easy to read, step-by-step implementation guides for key social media applications.
  • Improve and align departmental and umbrella strategies in terms of business growth and efficiency, by incorporating an effective social media strategy.    
  • Improve brand strength, competitive advantage, risk management and productivity by having a good grasp of key issues in relation to social media and by integrating a tailored social media strategy.

Author, Lee Hopkins, draws on practical and current case studies/best-worst practice examples from renowned global players like Deloitte, Telstra, Coca-Cola, BP, BT, Vodafone and more…


Chapter 1: What is social media and why should businesses engage with it?

Chapter 2: Developing a social media strategy

Chapter 3: Developing a social media policy

Chapter 4: Managing the effects of social media in your organisation

Chapter 5: Social media management

Chapter 6: Social media tools

Chapter 7: Social networking – Everything else

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Lee Hopkins
Management psychologist and business communicator with nearly 30 years’ experience in helping businesses communicate better, for better business results. Researcher at the University of South Australia’s School of Communication, looking at how the new social communication landscape has impacted on senior communicators’ roles and responsibilities. Lee can be contacted via email, Twitter or at his website.

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