Pitching to Win

Pitching to Win highlights the key steps involved in the pitch process, and how to improve your chances of winning even the toughest pitch at each vital stage.

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  • Publication date: June, 2017
  • Pages: 90
  • ISBN: 9781783580279


The tendering process has become a more time consuming, competitive affair...

Taking into account the fee-earner and support time it takes to work on a pitch, (including external/internal meetings, production, presentation, and debriefing), the average opportunity costs around £10k.

This is particularly appropriate, given the increasing pressure on fees and more clients insisting on firms tendering for all pieces of work. Firms are finding themselves having to tender for services that previously may have been given to them with no tendering involved. Not only that, the tendering process has become more competitive.

With no active management of the process, the average win rates are around 35 per cent. With active management, these rates can increase to winning over 80 per cent of new work. There is an argument as to whether the pitch process is an art or a science. Reality is that it is a bit of both, but your chances of winning can be increased with a rigorous process in place.

This book explains the steps involved in a pitch process and how the chances of winning can be radically improved by following best practice guidance in each of the steps.


Chapter 1: Pitching and sales opportunities

Chapter 2: Stage one – Receiving the invitation

Chapter 3: Stage two – Pitch team and planning

Chapter 4: Stage three – Produce the document

Chapter 5: Stage four – Presentation

Chapter 6: Stage five – Results and feedback

Chapter 7: The shortcut version – The mini-pitch and toolkit

Chapter 8: What the future holds

Contents and Executive Summary


Clare Adshead-Grant
Clare is a founding partner of Calista. As a marketing professional, she has over 20 years' experience of working with service based businesses providing the full range of marketing and business development support. Her areas of expertise are in strategic planning and shaping business development and marketing programmes to deliver against clients' objectives. Clare’s experience includes: Detailed client analysis to support business planning; „Facilitating client business planning processes; „„Establishing and running integrated marketing programmes to support clients’ business objectives; „„Delivering programmes to transform clients’ internal capability across client relationship programmes, pitch processes and fee-earner training; and „„Running brand re-fresh projects and associated website development. Clare’ opinions, hints, and tips can be regularly found on her blog via twitter, and she can be contacted via email at Calista. 

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