Professional Development for Lawyers

Ensure your lawyers are ‘fit for purpose’ in a client-centric legal world.

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Are your lawyers equipped with the right skills, knowledge and attitudes to survive in today’s challenging market?

Good technical legal skills are simply no longer enough to ensure success or to win and retain clients.

Managing Partner’s report on Professional Development for Lawyers examines the new skills and knowledge necessary for lawyers to meet both client and firm needs, and to achieve career success.

The report examines the key issues and trends in professional development for lawyers, including innovative approaches and good practice, along with insightful interviews and advice from leading experts. Topics covered include:

  • Identifying professional development needs at graduate, trainee, associate, and partner level;
  • Traditional and emerging skills that professional development enables lawyers to acquire;
  • The most effective and popular methods for delivering training and professional development in law firms;
  • How to engage lawyers in professional development and make it a priority for them;
  • How to measure ROI and justify professional development and its benefits;
  • Improving client focus and value through professional development;
  • Local, international and global approaches to professional development; and much more…

‘From the horse’s mouth’ – Candid accounts are featured from a range of lawyers at different levels, law firm management, consultants, coaches and experts, with views on professional development and how to ensure your lawyers are ‘fit for purpose’ in today’s legal world.

Detailed case studies and interviews also reveal the latest innovative tools, best practices and award winning strategies of DLA Piper,  Hogan Lovells, Baker & McKenzie, Simmons & Simmons, Carey Olsen, Latham & Watkins, Lexis Nexis and Validatum Limited.


Chapter 1: Introduction – Professional development in the law

Chapter 2: Trends driving changes in professional development

Chapter 3: Target audience needs

Chapter 4: Engaging lawyers in professional development

Chapter 5: Types of professional development delivery

Chapter 6: Essential skills for the changing legal market

Chapter 7: ROI – Justifying professional development and its benefits

Chapter 8: Internationalism

Chapter 9: From the horse’s mouth – Views on professional development

Case study 1: Baker & McKenzie – ‘Pitching to win’

Case study 2: Learning, development, and change at Carey Olsen

Case study 3: DLA Piper – Finance & Projects Academy

Case study 4: Hogan Lovells – ‘Momentum’ – A fast career track global programme for senior associates

Case study 5: LexisNexis – CRM

Case study 6: Marque Lawyers

Case study 7: Validatum Limited – Profitable pricing

Case study 8: Simmons & Simmons – MBA

Case study 9: Latham & Watkins – ‘On Track: Best practices & strategies to develop junior partners’

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Rachel Brushfield
Rachel Brushfield is The Talent Liberator at Energise, a career strategist, coach, marketing mentor and published author with over 30 years’ experience. Helping women lawyers to “blow their own trumpet” is a specialism. Rachel’s career heritage is in marketing and brand strategy and communications for communication agencies including J Walter Thompson, expertise she now uses to help women lawyers to liberate their talent and market themselves confidently and competently. Services include individual career coaching, executive coaching, events, workshops, and content creation for The Law Society, AWS, LexisNexis and AWLL. Rachel is a published author in talent management, professional development, work–life balance, and gender balance. She is co-founder of PWHub – Inspiring Professional Women, a network exclusively for senior women employed in Oxfordshire companies, and was shortlisted in the entrepreneur category of the We are the city 2017 “Rising star” awards, one of only 200 women in the UK.

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