Reputation Risk Management, Ethics, and Values: An International Debate

This report considers reputation risk management as part of an integrated risk management system to create and maintain a resilient and sustainable organisation. It provides a comprehensive overview of the main aspects of this increasingly important debate in a clear, accessible style.

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  • Publication date: April, 2014
  • Pages: 160
  • ISBN: 9781783581276


Reputation generally accounts for 70 per cent of the value of an organisation. Responsible governance and ethical business practices are therefore essential. This report considers reputation risk management as part of an integrated risk management system, and it discusses how such a system can be used to create and maintain a resilient and sustainable organisation.

Understanding the importance of a risk management approach is vital to business executives and officers, as well as to their advisers. Legal advisers in particular will find the approach relevant to their own risk management, as well as for advising clients.

This report provides comprehensive guidance on the main aspects of this highly topical issue, including on:

  • Concepts of ethical leadership and values;
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development (SD);
  • The growing influence of the internet and social media, and their impact on the speed with which (mis)information travels; and
  • The impact of the latest international and regional legislation relating to transparency and international standards.

The report includes a number of case studies providing inspirational examples of outstandingly resilient organisations and leaders, recent and noteworthy cases of successful reputation and crisis management strategies, and lessons to be learned from cases where major organisations have failed to manage their reputation risk. 


Chapter 1: Background, trends, and drivers relating to reputation: The integration of ethics, values, and transparency

Chapter 2: Fundamental risk management aspects

Chapter 3: The value of reputation and defining the value as risk

Chapter 4: The value of values

Chapter 5: The ethics debate

Chapter 6: Reputation links with corporate responsibility and international case studies

Chapter 7: Trans-boundary legal issues

Chapter 8: Cultural issues: Developing and growing a business

Chapter 9: The impact of Internet use and awareness

Chapter 10: Trends in openness, transparency, and reputation risk


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Dr Linda S Spedding
Linda is qualified as a solicitor (England and Wales), as an advocate (India), and as an attorney (USA). She has been an international adviser and author – and activist for positive change – for over 27 years. She has also been a friend and supporter of the NGO community over this period, assisting many organisations and raising awareness of their contribution through her writing and advisory activities. In addition to larger organisations, she has assisted many SMEs, business associations, and chambers with their proactive risk strategies and has worked to encourage good communication between the responsible parties: public, private, and NGO. She has been committed to the debate on improving ongoing due diligence, corporate governance, and ethical conduct, as well as appropriate risk management. She has advised, trained, and published extensively in these areas. Linda also provides the ideal mix of experience as an international legal practitioner with her specialist understanding of international environmental law, and has achieved a substantial reputation as an author and lecturer (for more information, see In her professional life she is well known for her contribution to ethical and environmental concerns, sustainable development, and appropriate investment developments, including the global environmental and energy debates. She has been part of the gender and leadership debate and is founder of Women in Law and Women in Law International (     

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