The silver bullet – how RFPs are won

The solution for writing – and winning – Request for Proposals is finally here.

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  • Publication date: July, 2018
  • Pages: 100
  • ISBN: 978-1-78358-336-2


Over the years, Nancey L Watson has used her expertise with procurement and pricing methods and applying strategy for hundreds of proposals to win $3 billion in competitive bids. The Silver Bullet – How RFPs Are Won will serve as a strategic guide to help you significantly increase your win rate – and more.

This book details Nancey’s top strategies for every step of the proposal process:

* Legal procurement and the growing sophistication of in-house legal departments;

* Questions firms should ask before they decide to propose for the work;

* Best practices and how to analyze a “cheat sheet” to discover the key to winning RFPs;

* How to get you to plan strategically through every phase of the proposal process;

* How to use the magical formula to gain credibility and prove you are the firm to hire;

* How to work strategically with subject matter experts as a team; and

* How to write an effective executive summary.

This book is primarily written for law firms but the information within will also prove invaluable for procurement professionals.


Chapter 1: How procurement impacts law firm selection – a strategic approach

Chapter 2: Proposal management strategies – the Go/No-Go decision

Chapter 3: Analyzing the RFP to identify strategies

Chapter 4: Working strategically as a team

Chapter 5: Doing your homework to identify strategies

Chapter 6: Kick-off meeting strategies

Chapter 7: Different strategies for proposal size and timelines

Chapter 8: Strategy: Needs, outcomes, solutions, and proof

Chapter 9: Differentiation – the key to your strategy

Chapter 10: Writing a strategic executive summary

Chapter 11: Effectively using red teams to verify strategies

Chapter 12: Strategic proposal tracking

Executive summary and full table of contents


Nancey L Watson
Nancey L Watson, BEd. is president of NL Watson Consulting Inc. She has helped professional services firms win over $3 billion in competitive bids. For nearly three decades she has worked with Big Four accounting firms, Top 10 engineering firms, and since 2012 has worked almost exclusively with global, national, mid-size, and boutique law firms in Canada and the United States on proposals and presentation strategies. She is an internationally recognized speaker who presents on topics such as pricing tactics, pricing masterclass, legal procurement’s impact on law firm selection at in-house and law firm conferences including Thomson Reuters, Law Firm Marketing Partner Forum, Canadian Corporate Counsel Association National Conference and In-House Counsel World Summit, LawVision Group, Practice Partners Roundtable, and Legal Marketing Association, Eastern Canada Regional Conference. Nancey is the creator and facilitator of the workshop: Strategic Proposal Management© 2018. The training session results in proven strategies on how to increase win rates in today’s highly competitive marketplace. She is also the presenter of the Accredited Continuing Professional Development/Continuing Legal Education Course (two hours), How Procurement Impacts Law Firm Selection. As a contributing author for Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute she has articles published on procurement and law firm strategies and several podcasts on the Legal Executive Institute website. Between 2008 and 2012, she acted as the membership committee chair and board member for the legal marketing association, Toronto chapter, and is presently membership committee chair for Toronto. Nancey can be reached via email at the NL Watson Consulting website.

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