Smart Social Media Recruitment Strategies

A practical guide to getting the most out of social media as part of an integrated, low cost recruitment strategy.

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  • Publication date: May, 2011
  • Pages: 129
  • ISBN: 9781907787812


Social media is now the first port of call for the majority of job seekers. (NORAS 2010 Survey)

This means that you can reach potential specialist candidates before they even reach the job boards, agencies and other employer websites.

It’s free, it’s instant and it cuts across borders – making social media an invaluable tool for organisations looking to stay ahead in a competitive employment market.

Ark Group’s report, Smart Social Media Recruitment Strategies, provides a practical guide to getting the most out of social media as part of an integrated, low cost recruitment strategy.

Packed with best-practice tools, strategies and guidance this report will enable you to:

  • Make sense of the huge number of social media tools and applications available;
  • Ensure your organisation is prepared for technological and cultural changes that social media is driving within recruitment;
  • Identify which social platforms will be most beneficial for your organisation;
  • Build a business case for using social media in your recruitment strategy;
  • Identify who should be responsible for creating and managing your new social recruiting strategy;
  • Understand the role of HR in the implementation and management of using social media in the recruitment process;
  • Understand the legal implications of sourcing new talent via social networks;
  • Measure the different levels of ROI of your social media recruitment efforts;
  • Manage talent pools and communities for best effect; and much more…

Real-life case studies demonstrate how companies like G4S, TGI Fridays, ITV, Staples, Unilever and more are successfully using social media platforms to attract and engage with their future employees.


Chapter 1: History of recruitment – How recruitment has evolved

Chapter 2: Recruitment by the numbers

Chapter 3: Is social media the catalyst for recruitment process outsourcing?

Chapter 4: What does social media mean to each generation?

Chapter 5: Social media in business

Chapter 6: Defining and measuring social media return on investment for recruitment

Chapter 7: How is social media being used in recruitment strategies?

Chapter 8: Will talent pools evolve into talent communities?

Chapter 9: The role of HR in social media recruitment

Chapter 10: Who is responsible for social media in recruitment?

Chapter 11: How to build a business case for the use of social media for recruitment

Chapter 12: Which social media tools, platforms and applications to use

Chapter 13: Where does mobile technology fit into the future of social recruiting?.

Chapter 14: What does the future of recruitment look like and will it involve social media?

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Andy Headworth
Andy Headworth has a wealth of experience across the recruitment industry. He is the managing director of Sirona Consulting Limited, a specialist consultancy that helps and advises companies about their recruitment strategy, recruitment process, online recruitment and social recruiting – using the social media channels for effective recruiting. He is a big advocate of bringing social into the recruitment process, fostering true engagement and collaboration. Andy has successfully delivered recruitment projects and assignments over the last two decades for companies in the UK, Europe, Middle East and the US. It is the hands-on knowledge that makes Sirona Consulting Limited different from other consulting companies; while others may talk about the theory, Andy is able to demonstrate the reality of making the right decisions count in a company’s recruitment strategy. As one of the UK’s top recruitment and HR bloggers, Andy enjoys challenging traditional thinking with regards to recruitment process, technology and social recruiting. A highly regarded public speaker, Andy enjoys sharing his passion for improving recruitment effectiveness through modern thinking. In 2009 Andy overcame his fear of heights by completing a 750-feet bungee jump from the Verzasca Dam in Switzerland. Making that step off the edge of the damn into the unexpected is Andy’s favourite social media analogy; it may look daunting, but take the step forward and the feeling is enlightening. As you would expect, Andy can be contacted in a number of social ways. This includes LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, as well as his blog and the Sirona Consulting Limited website.

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