The Social Law Firm Index, UK edition

Good2bSocial and Managing Partner have conducted a unique study to assess the social media practices of the UK’s top law firms.          

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Good2bSocial and Managing Partner have conducted a unique study to assess the social media practices of the UK’s top law firms. This exclusive research reveals the extent to which UK law firms are currently relying on social media practices as part of their overall business and client strategy, and it discloses how effective (or not) their social media presence actually is.

This study uncovers:

•    Eight major findings in relation to UK law firms’ social media uses
•    Just how effective law firms’ social media engagement is
•    Which law firms are adopting social technologies and who is most successful in their social media strategies
•    How UK and US firms compare with regards to social business activities

The study reveals the first revised ranking of the top 100 UK law firms based solely on their social media efficacy, and the methodology used to create this new list.


Chapter 1: About this research

Chapter 2: Major findings

Chapter 3: The Social Law Firm Index

Check our Executive Summary and full table of contents here


Guy Alvarez
Guy Alvarez is the founder and chief engagement officer at Good2bSocial. Guy has been a leading consultant in the legal industry for more than 15 years, specializing in digital marketing, knowledge management, collaboration, and more recently social media. He has had direct experience working with Fortune 100 companies implementing cutting-edge social business strategies, including Pernod Ricard, KPMG, Practising Law Institute, and Lexis-Nexis. Guy is a graduate of Brooklyn Law School and practiced law in a medium-sized firm for several years. Guy can be reached via email and you can follow him on on Twitter.
Joe Lamport
Joe Lamport is partner and chief communication officer for Good2bSocial. Joe’s legal career began at Cleary Gottlieb where, in the days before email, he worked as an associate. He helped transform the legal publishing business through his role in developing a series of ground-breaking online products from Counsel Connect to Law Journal EXTRA to Joe also spent more than five years working in-house for Mercer Park, LP, an investment and advisory firm, and ended up serving as general counsel. Joe can be via email at Good2bSocial. Good2bSocial is a consulting firm that specializes in helping professional services firms reinvent themselves through the use of social enterprise technology. Their mission is to help clients become more nimble and efficient through the adoption of collaborative technologies and business practices.
Robin Sosnow
Robin Sosnow is a lawyer in New York City who is passionate about the power of social technology in law and business. She is Principal of the Law Offices of Robin Sosnow, PLLC, and focuses her practice on business law in the areas of start-ups, crowdfunding, and liquor licensing. She holds a JD/ MBA from Suffolk University. Robin can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @RobinSosnowEsq.

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