Strategy Development for Practice Group Leaders

Assessing the new role of the practice group leader, the tools they will need, and the management strategies they will need to implement within the changing legal landscape

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The practice group leadership role has changed dramatically over the past couple of years. Those who have survived the economic downturn have had to not only hold the fort, but to rebuild business and capitalise on the opportunities arising out of an easing but still uncertain economic landscape.

Managing Partner’s new report - Strategy Development for Practice Group Leaders, looks at the role of the practice group leader within the context of this more difficult and changing environment, in which the practice group leader needs to be fully engaged not only with the demands of his or her own team, but also with the practice group’s position within the changing strategy of the business as a whole.

This report assesses the new role of the practice group leader, the tools they will need, and the management strategies they will need to implement within the changing legal landscape, highlighting issues including:

  • The practice group leader for the 21st century law firm.
  • What it means to be a practice group leader today
  • Attracting and retaining clients, raising the group’s profile internally and externally
  • Measuring and improving performance and profitability
  • Reducing risk, and implementing innovative cost-management and client strategies to capitalise on market opportunities;
  • Recruitment, retention and talent development at the practice group level
  • Motivating and incentivising teams through on-going economic uncertainty;
  • Financial management and the all-important implementation of alternative fee arrangements;
  • Marketing and CRM strategies for practice group leaders including the role of social media marketing in profile raising techniques;
  • Diversity and initiatives for women at practice group level;
  • Risk management – particularly in terms of practice group supervision, and client and matter intake; and
  • Successor issues – what happens when a great practice group leader announces their departure? And what can firms do to cushion the potential blow?

Case studies from numerous practice group leaders from leading law firms provide essential insights into the issues above, from those directly in the know.


Chapter 1: The practice group structure

Chapter 2: Practice group leadership in the context of culture

Chapter 3: Practice group financial management

Chapter 4: The 21st century practice group leader

Check our Executive Summary and full table of contents here


Caroline Poynton
Caroline Poynton is a business journalist, with particular expertise in the legal sector. Before going into freelance journalism in July 2007, she was for six years editor of Managing Partner magazine, an Ark Group publication dedicated to senior management in the legal profession. Since working as a freelance journalist, she has written numerous features, as well as in-depth reports, not only on the legal profession, but also on corporate communications and business management generally. She has also worked as a freelance editor on publications including Ark Group’s FD Legal and the KermaPartners Quarterly, a publication published by management consultancy KermaPartners. She has published several reports with Ark Group, including Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for Law Firms (2008), Managing the Evolution of Libraries and Information Services (2008), Attracting and Retaining Talent in the Post-Recession Legal Profession (2010), Strategic Development for Practice Group Leaders (2010) and Change Management for Law Firms (2011). She also co-authored, with Nick Brook, Business Continuity Planning and Management for Law Firms (2012).

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