The Strategy-led Law Firm: Business Models That Work

Optimise your firm’s position for greater market penetration and client satisfaction

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Globalisation, scale-building and segmentation are ramping up competition within the legal sector at a radical rate. A strategy-led business model is critical if you want to achieve firm synergy, growth and success in the new legal market.    

Managing Partner in association with Huron Consulting Group presents - The Strategy-Led Law Firm: Business Models that Work.

This crucial report examines the impact of key competitive forces within different segments of the legal market and evaluates the models and strategies that firms have employed to stay ahead.

Comprehensive guidance and advice is provided on how to identify your own competitive advantage, select the right target audience and structure your firm to succeed. Specifically, this report will enable you to:

  • Get to grips with a variety of growth strategies for domestic, international and global firms;
  • Understand how globalisation, scale-building and segmentation effect your firm’s markets and service lines;  
  • Identify, develop and optimise your firm’s position for greater market penetration and client satisfaction;
  • Develop a strong business model and plot successful strategies to benefit from globalisation, scale building and market segmentation;
  • Gain strategic commitment and buy-in from employees and stakeholders;
  • Overcome core threats to existing market structures and future challenges through effective scenario planning;
  • Keep a pace with the increasing level of management sophistication among peers; and much more… 

Insightful, real-life case studies and examples provide behind-the-scenes access into the successful growth strategies of firms such DLA Piper, Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP and Watson, Farley & Williams LLP.


Chapter 1: Globalisation of the legal market

Chapter 2: Scale building – Why size matters

Chapter 3: Segmentation of the legal market

Chapter 4: Differences in global legal markets

Chapter 5: The increasing importance of strategy

Chapter 6: The Global Elite – Transaction-oriented strategy

Chapter 7: International business law firms

Chapter 8: Regional firms

Chapter 9: Specialist firms

Chapter 10: The common thread

Chapter 11: Implementation

Chapter 12: Possible future scenarios to consider

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Nicholas Bruch
Nicholas Bruch has over seven years’ experience advising clients on strategy, international expansion, and operational change. He has worked on projects in the US, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East in a wide range of sectors, including law, accounting, mining, banking, real estate, and international trade. He focuses on long-term strategy, international expansion, market entries, and facilitating internal change strategies. His areas of work include domestic and international strategy, client and practice management, and mergers. Nicholas was the lead author of The Strategy-Led Law Firm: Business Models that Work, published by Ark Group in 2012, and co-author on Into Africa: Opportunities & Risks in the African Legal Market, published by Ark Group in 2013. Nicholas can be contacted via email.
John Cussons
John Cussons has more than fifteen years’ experience as a management consultant and project manager, and his experience in the legal and professional services sector includes working with small, regional, and national firms, as well as large international firms. His clients span Europe, Australia, South America, and South East Asia. His areas of work include domestic and international strategy (including the analysis of present and future business models, country attractiveness, and competitive positioning); client and practice management; and mergers. John Cussons is a regular contributor on various topics of law firm strategy and management, including writing articles, producing webinars, and speaking at conferences. He is the lead author of Into Africa: Opportunities and Risks in the African Legal Market (2013) and Financial Planning and Measurement for Law Firms (2011), and co-author of The Strategy-Led Law Firm: Business Models that Work (2012), all published by Ark Group. John can be contacted via email at ICD Consulting.

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