Successful Outsourcing Strategies for Law Firms

What ALL law firms need to know about legal process outsourcing

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The growth of legal outsourcing over the last five years has beaten all expectations, achieving 30+ per cent year on year – and topping £725m in market size in 2012.

Legal outsourcing will not disappear. It will continue to take an increasing share of the lower value work that would automatically have gone to law firms.So, how will your firm respond?

Managing Partner’s report, Successful Outsourcing Strategies for Law Firms provides concrete advice for law firm leaders looking to develop and implement effective legal process outsourcing (LPO) strategies. 

This practical guide highlights the key challenges and benefits for law firms, as well as the important factors that must be considered when implementing an LPO strategy. Topics covered include:

  • Current LPO trends;
  • How to build the business case for LPO;
  • The financial, operational, and competitive benefits of LPO;
  • Making the move from tactical to strategic LPO;
  • The geography of outsourcing – offshoring, on shoring, and near shoring;
  • Overcoming the economic, regulatory, ethical, political, and logistical challenges;
  • The role of effective data capture and analysis in LPO;
  • Determining the scope of service offerings; and
  • Supplier selection processes and on-going management strategies.

Along with insightful ‘lessons learned’ from the industry, you’ll find a draft request for proposal (RFP) template for potential suppliers, as well as a project plan with timeline for use when setting up your own LPO engagement. 

PLUS…In a unique case study interview, Robert Gogel, CEO of Integreon, presents the supplier perspective in relation to LPO work, and offers invaluable advice for law firms considering an engagement. 


Chapter 1: The legal process outsourcing trend

Chapter 2: What is strategic legal process outsourcing?

Chapter 3: LPO in perspective – The challenge to law firms

Chapter 4: The geography of legal outsourcing

Chapter 5: The challenges of legal outsourcing

Chapter 6: The benefits of legal outsourcing

Chapter 7: The scope of services

Chapter 8: Data capture – Building the business case

Chapter 9: Ethical compliance

Chapter 10: Supplier selection – Part 1 – The methodology

Chapter 11: Supplier selection – Part 2 – The journey

Chapter 12: Managing strategic partnerships and measuring progress

Chapter 13: The strategic LPO project plan

Chapter 14: Lessons learned

Chapter 15: Learning from the corporate world

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Edward Brooks
Edward Brooks is an expert in outsourcing and runs The LPO Program, a new-wave consulting business that delivers its clients the tools, knowledge, data, and support necessary to carry out complex legal process outsourcing projects. The LPO Program enables law firms and in-house legal counsel to quickly determine the appropriate LPO strategy for their specific circumstances. Edward joined Accenture in 2000 and since then he has had 11 years in the outsourcing and offshoring sector leading over $5 billion worth of deals in areas as diverse as finance and accounting, HR, clinical research, customer services, and legal process outsourcing. This experience has covered the full project life cycle from designing and selling delivery models, through to implementation and operation. For the last four years Edward has worked as an advisor to major corporations and law firms, taking them through the complex process of determining the appropriate outsourcing delivery strategy (whether in-house, onshore, offshore, or outsourced) and then ensuring the successful implementation of that strategy. As a chartered accountant with experience of running businesses and establishing new ventures, Edward brings his strong commercial experience to any organization he works with. He has had extensive practice in keeping executives and project teams focused on strategic objectives and the short-term issues involved in strategic arrangements. Edward can be reached via email at the LPO Program.

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