Waterlow's Solicitors' and Barristers' Directory 2017

Fully researched and updated, Waterlow’s Solicitors’ and Barristers’ Directory contains the latest contact details on solicitors, barristers and legal professionals in England and Wales.

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  • Publication date: March, 2017
  • Pages: 1,296
  • ISBN: 9781857832464


Waterlow's annual Solicitors' and Barristers' Directory is the principal reference for legal professionals in England and Wales.

Obtain detailed listings for legal professionals, firms and chambers in a well-indexed, easy to cross-reference directory. 



If you are interested in purchasing data from the Waterlow's Solicitors' and Barristers' Directory, please contact our Legal Data Executive Peter Armah on +44207 549 8467, or email  Peter.Armah@Wilmingtonplc.com



  • Locate a solicitor by surname
  • Verify qualifications
  • Find what areas of law each solicitor specialises in
  • Identify which firm they work for

Solicitors’ Firms

  • Access full contact details
  • Choose a partner and cross-reference with their individual entry
  • Find a firm that specialises in a particular area of law


  • Locate a barrister by surname
  • Verify qualifications
  • Identify which Inn of Court the Barrister belongs to
  • Cross-reference against their chambers for a detailed profile

Barristers’ Chambers

  • Find barristers’ chambers listed geographically
  • Use the specialisation Index to find a set of chambers with an area of particular expertise
  • Over 90 areas Chambers of Specialisation to choose from!  Some examples include company law, employment law, personal injury, family law, etc

Courts and Offices

  • Find comprehensive details for national and regional court