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  • Publication date: June, 2015


Law Firm Managerment, Business development, HR, Legal risk and compliance, IT and social media.

The listed topics on the right are individual webinars that we can supply you with on request.


Law firm management

  • How to give lawyers commercial awareness
  • Choosing the right pricing model
  • Understanding financial reports for partners
  • LLP taxation laws

Business development:

  • Creating powerful ideas that will grab your clients’ attention  - benchmarking LinkedIn for lawyers
  • The power of a client value guarantee
  • Using financial information to drive business development
  • Mergers from a client perspective
  • More client enquiries from your website



  • Rectifying partner underperformance
  • How to get buy-in to people strategy
  • Stress management for lawyers
  • Lateral hires risk
  • Strategic portfolio career mapping and planning



Legal risk and compliance

  • Demonstrating a robust response to money laundering in your firm
  • File audits for law firms
  • Complaints handling, client care and compliance
  • Understanding the SRA rules as a COFA/Understanding the Accounts Rules as a COFA – a pair of webinars  
  • Communications in compliance
  • Writing policies that get taken seriously 
  • Lateral hires risk
  • Avoiding social media risk
  • Tackling the changes to international compliance for law firms
  • What happens to conflicts and confidentiality in a merger?


General – including IT, information management and social media

  • Negotiating IT contracts
  • Infographics
  • Writing policies that get taken seriously
  • How smart business leaders can make Google Analytics give them money
  • Avoiding social media risk  
  • Combat information overload



  • Regulatory compliance issues for in-house lawyers 


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