In-house training

We can present in-house training and provide consulting services for you on topics aligned with many of our public courses, or any other, specially tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. This is an ideal training solution for five or more people and is very cost-effective.

Areas of ARK expertise

  • Marketing, business development, client care, and internal and external communications
  • HR and organisational development, including: recruitment, retention, talent, diversity, change management, and support staff career management and development
  • Finance, including: business structures, profitability, pricing, and working capital
  • Risk, including: anti-money Laundering regulations, compliance, risk assessment and auditing, risk management
  • Knowledge and information management
  • Management skills for individuals, including both business management and people management skills 

We have experience providing a variety of cross-industry programmes, but we also specialise in specific sectors, including: professional services (including a special focus and expertise in the legal sector) and the public sector.

Benefits of in-house training

  • The programme we design is customised to fit your organisation’s requirements and can be flexible as the organisation’s needs change
  • Courses will be designed with you, to help individuals and the organisation address issues that are critical to your strategic objectives and competitive success
  • We can be flexible around your diary - we come to you at a time and date to suit your organisation
  • Imagine the value for money – it’s an extremely cost-effective way to train a larger number of people than you would normally want to send to an external course and/or roll out the initiative throughout the organisation 

Programme formats

Ark will work with you to build a programme suitable to your group’s needs – a training programme could focus on individual needs for a small group or may be part of an organisation-wide initiative.  Please find below some example formats and a brief guide to matching up your objectives with possible formats, but each programme that we design with you will be customised to your requirements and objectives, so contact us to discuss what options might be most suitable to you:

  • Awareness-Building: 1-2 hours
  • Skill Building Stage 1: Half day
  • Skill Building Stage 2 (including preliminary behaviour change): Full 1-2 day
  • Ongoing progressive skill-building and behaviour change: Multiple dates, depending upon training needs
  • Organisational change management, cultural, and business management consulting: longer-term project
  • Coaching: dependent upon individual needs
  • Due diligence: internal and/or client interviews
  • Train-the-trainer: bring our trainers in to instruct your staff in how to roll out the course to the rest of the organisation

Contact us

For more information about the benefits of in-house training, call +44 (0)20 7566 8263, or email