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The Law Firm Profitability Summit

<div>The annual Law Firm Profitability Summit brings together senior-level law firm professionals to deep dive into how to incorporate profitability into day-to-day business to influence strategic decisions in the law firm. Attendees can expect real-world examples of how firms are using resources to manage the business of law more strategically and profitably.</div>

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Mid-Sized Law Firm Summit

<div>Join us for the annual&nbsp;Mid-Sized Law Firm Summit and gather with professionals in legal service delivery, client experience, practice support, technology, and business development, to explore the unique competitive position that mid-sized law firms find themselves in today, providing tools to capitalize on the immense opportunity to innovate and thrive in this dynamic environment.&nbsp;</div>

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Law Firm Libraries 2023

<div><span style="color: rgb(64, 64, 64);">The Law Firm Libraries event brings together legal librarians and law firm professionals working in research, information services, and knowledge management, to learn the latest developments and emerging opportunities for the law firm library. Leave with a toolbox of ideas and inspiration to provide the right knowledge, skills, and attributes to evolve in your role and organization.</span></div>


The data centralization journey for law firms

October 14, 2022

<div>Law firms collect a lot of data from a number of different sources, but they often struggle to connect the dots and generate broader insights to influence decision making firm-wide. More recently, many firms are actively embracing their data and using it to their advantage while others are still experimenting with and exploring all the data available to them. The momentum of data centralization initiatives is accelerating as firms begin to uncover how it can be leveraged to drive firm strategy.&nbsp;</div>


The 4th Annual Mid-Sized Law Firm Summit: A day-by-day preview of what to expect

May 19, 2022

<div>Marking its return to live and in-person attendance for the first time since the pandemic, this year’s event, held June 13-14 at The Fairmont Chicago, Millennium Park, will connect professionals in legal service delivery, client experience, practice support, technology, and business development for 13 hours of content and more than five hours of face-to-face networking. Here’s a breakdown of what attendees can expect both days of the conference.</div><div><br></div>