Business Intelligence and Analytics in the Legal Profession

How analytics are being used to accelerate productivity across key firm dimensions - driving the development of standards, metrics and processes reflective of the firm’s broader business strategy


  • 30 April, 2019
  • 08:30 - 17:00
  • 450 Cityfront Plaza Dr, Chicago, IL, 60611, United States ()

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8:30AM Sign-In & Networking Breakfast

9:00AM Opening Remarks: Conference: Conference Chairperson
Tom Jones, CEO & Founder, Iridium Technology LLC

The Revolution in The Practice of Law
Lawyers fundamentally deal in information; it is the raw material from which we work and it comprises our final product.  Lawyers also often engage in highly repetitive tasks, handling similar matters in their area of expertise.  Both of these facts lead to the conclusion that the practice of law can (and should) be revolutionized by the application of data science.  Data science and data analytics allow us to gain insight into data in ways unimaginable just a few short years ago, making many tasks much more efficient.  However, efficiency is the enemy of the billable hour.  Law firms aren’t incentivized to be more efficient if they are simply giving away the efficiency gains and reaping no benefit for themselves.  In order to effectively apply data science to the practice of law, a new billing mechanism needs to be applied so that the efficiency gains benefit both the client and the firm, aligning their incentives.  In this session,  we will discuss how data analytics principles can be applied to the practice of law, and present several case studies illustrating them.

Bennett Borden, Chief Data Scientist and Chair, Information Governance, Drinker Biddle & Reath

Predictive Analytics at Intake: Use of Data to Systematically Classify Risks and Highlight Opportunities Driving Profitability
Business acceptance is a unique phase in the firm matter lifecycle.  There exists data that can be tapped to identify financial risks and to generate millions of dollars in unrealized gains for the firm.  And the controls setup can help the firm execute against its strategy and be informed about new innovative opportunities. Setting up these intelligence streams can directly inform a variety of factors like pricing, profitability, partner performance, client success. This session describes research around a project designed to put into place models and predictors of bad debt, including a detailed look at the objectives of the project, an examination of the going-in hypothesis around bad debt predictors, statistical and learning models derived, and the process putting these predicting models into practice.  It will explore the challenges and opportunities associated with data availability, integrity and the utilization of those models in the context of financial performance.

Tom Van Der Moere, CFO, Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg 
Mark Medice, Principal, Law Vision 

10:30AM Morning Networking & Coffee Break

Data Visualization in Litigation
Data and analytics can be impactful story-tellers and change the trajectory of trial strategies. This TED-style talk will show how the right data strategy can bring maximum value to your firm and how you can make numbers and statistics come alive and bring meaning and understanding to lawyers and can ground them in data that’s meaningful, assisting and illuminating trial strategies for cases of all size. 

Aaron Crews, Chief Data Analytics Officer, Littler Mendelson PC

11:20AM: Panel 
The Future of BI

Tom Jones, CEO & Founder, Iridium Technology LLC

12:05 Lunch

The Fine Line: Balancing Big Data Opportunities and Privacy Concerns 
Business intelligence, data and analytics have changed so much in the legal profession-- from the way firms are run, to case strategies to growing the firm's business. But as firms become more reliant on data and analytics; privacy concerns grow both internally and with clients. This 360 view of the data landscape within the legal industry will look at the fine line that firms must balance between a competitive advantage and an overstep in privacy. 

Michelle Six, Partner, Kirkland & Ellis LLP 
Mikala Stewart, Director of Litigation Development & Business Intelligence
Kirland & Ellis LLP  

Marketing/Client Analytics at Scale 
While there is a lot of interest in large data analytic and predictive analytics projects, there is a pressing need and opportunity to use data analytics to better support our lawyers, practices and law firms on a day-to-day basis. Large projects may require data scientists, but there are many smaller projects that, when systematized and automated, can provide significant value without a lot of overhead. This panel discussion will address how to provide key marketing/client analytics to lawyers directly and/or through staff in a practical way that can be scaled firm wide.  Panelists will share examples of various info-graphics used to better communicate data that had been available and useful but difficult for lawyers to easily use—as well as a variety of consolidated reports across various data repositories used to inform and support things such as pricing, business development, and diversity initiatives.
Kate Cain Director of Market Intelligence & Operations, Sidley Austin LLP
Hunter Goolsby, Director of Client & Market Intelligence, Troutman Sanders 
Moderator: Barry Solomon, EVP, Foundation Software

2:25pm Networking & Coffee Break

Business Intelligence and Talent Acquisition  
Business Intelligence can help in making key talent hires—from those who can best grow your practice to appealing to a new generation of attorneys who have utilized data for research purposes since their under-graduate years. This discussion will look at how to utilize BI to find the best hires for your firm and how to showcase with BI at your firm can do for new hires as well. 

Peter Geovanes, Head of Data Strategy, AI and Analytics at Winston & Strawn

Business Intelligence Selection and Implementation 
When your firm experiences specific challenges or pain points, understanding that business intelligence or big data can help solve it is just part of the answer. Identifying, selecting and implementing a solution to fit your specific needs is a rigorous process and doing it correctly will likely yield dividends beyond your original concern. This case study will look at a specific pain point facing a firm and how they identified and selected the right solution to fit their needs. 

Ben Zastrow, Director of Finance and Operations, Zelle LLP

3:50 ROI: Return on Innovation 
In general, any organization in any industry uses business intelligence to implement the best tools and practices that will improve their bottom line. What sets law firms apart from other industries is the gap between understanding what their pain points are and creating an innovative solution that can be executed to optimize their efficiency and performance. This conversation will look at how firms can create a plan that will give them the best ROI, but in this case, return on innovation. Whether it’s building a team in house, using a hybrid model, or completely outsourcing the initiative, it’s imperative for industry leaders to determine what solution will work best for their firm. I will present an analysis on the different models for spearheading an innovation plan, as well as the skill sets and business intelligence practices that will ultimately lead to execution and success. 

Arup Das, Founder and CEO, Alphaserve Technologies 

4:25PM Closing Remarks: Conference Chairperson
Tom Jones, CEO & Founder, Iridium Technology LLC

Full Description

Data and analytics have become table stakes for nearly every law firm of every size and scope. 

But not all firms utilize the data at their fingertips to their greatest advantage be it for internal efficiencies and talent acquisition; to shaping strategies at trial and maximizing value to clients. 

How do you know if your firm is making the most of its business intelligence?

Ark Group’s 8th annual Business Intelligence & Analytics in the Legal Profession conference will give insight, actionable information and invaluable networking opportunities that will help you and your firm engage and breakthrough to the next level of business intelligence and data analytics maximizing results internally and with clients. 
How can you grow your practice using data and analytics? 

From organizing your firm to optimize your data and analytics for partners and staff alike, to creating systemic intake language to streamline results, there are ways large and small to refine and transform your firm for the next generation. 

Attendees of the conference will have an opportunity to learn from (and ask questions of) their peers concerning real-world applications of BI tools in a law firm setting—with a focus ranging from how to move past the billable hour model and enhance efficiencies and profitability, to how data and analytics can help you with recruitment, to next-level data visualizations that can help develop trial strategies. 
Through case study illustration, attendees will also discuss how data can classify risks and find opportunities; how to create a culture that supports innovation, how to demonstrate these abilities to enhance the client relationship and what the future holds for business intelligence.  

Business Intelligence and Analytics in the Legal Profession will explore the unique challenges of changing culture, communicating findings internally and with clients and how to build practices and firms that are set to compete at the highest level. 

Top industry speakers

Tom Jones

CEO & Founder, Iridium Technology LLC

Bennett Borden

Chief Data Scientist and Chair, Information Governance, Drinker Biddle & Reath

Thomas Van Der Moere

Chief Financial Officer,  Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg LLP 

Mark Medice

Senior Director, New Initiatives at Intapp

Aaron Crews

Chief Data Analytics Officer, Littler Mendelson PC

Michelle Six

Partner, Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Mikala Stewart

Director of Litigation Development & Business Intelligence, ​Kirland & Ellis LLP  

Kate Cain

Director of Market Intelligence & Operations, Sidley Austin LLP

Hunter Goolsby

Director of Client & Market Intelligence, Troutman Sanders 

Barry Solomon

Chief Marketing Officer, Sidley Austin

Peter Geovanes

Head of Data Strategy, AI and Analytics at Winston & Strawn

Ben Zastrow

Director of Finance and Operations, Zelle LLP

Arup Das

Founder and CEO, Alphaserve Technologies

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