Competitive Intelligence in the Modern Law Firm

Balancing opportunity and risk by leveraging intelligence that informs strategic decision-making— expanding the competitive horizon beyond competing law firm practices

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  • 28 September, 2017
  • 09:00 - 16:30
  • 15 W. 43rd Street, New York, NY, 10036, United States (View Map)

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Full Description

How much do we actually know about our direct competitors? Who are they exactly and what types of work are they winning from our key clients?

While law firms have gotten much better at developing and using client, market and industry intelligence, few firms are truly focusing on what their key competitors are doing, and how to position themselves accordingly; especially in connection with developing the firm’s most important clients.

Success equates to keeping the firm relevant to the changing nature of its economic environment—and particularly the needs of its clientele. External market conditions are changing—as well as internal firm culture, particularly with respect to expectations of the CI function.

All organizations are faced with challenges in leveraging available tools and methodologies that foster a more efficient way to produce and deliver key pieces of data and intelligence. How can we best manage, parse, and utilize this information to help develop actionable intelligence that creates a true competitive edge for our respective firms?

Ark Group’s 11th annual Competitive Intelligence in the Modern Law Firm conference will once again provide an ideal platform for benchmarking, discussion and debate concerning how competitive (and business) intelligence provides the foundation for strategic planning—enhancing the ability to expand relationships with clients, and to make faster and more informed decisions on behalf of the firm (and its clients).

This year’s conference will explore some of the greater challenges and opportunities inherent to our shifting legal business ecosystem—while illustrating how effective CI can help firms to engage in an evolution reshaping the business of law.

We hope you will join us, along with your industry peers this September in New York, as we collectively address the increasing prevalence and significance of data analytics and visualization tools—and how law firms are responding to an evolving business landscape in which they must reconsider how they compete — as well as who they are actually competing with!