Driving Profit and Improving Performance in Your Law Firm

How can you improve profit and deliver more value to your clients in a market with flat demand and growing competition?


  • 23 March, 2017
  • 13:00 - 14:00

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Full Description

How can you improve profit and deliver more value to your clients in a market with flat demand and growing competition? According to the 2017 Citi/Hildebrandt Client Advisory the most successful firms concentrated more on “improving matter management than on controlling overhead expense growth.” The report went on to say “this included focusing more on how to better price services, apply the right leverage mix to a matter, and generally manage matters to budget, to avoid scope creep, reduce write offs and improve profitability of clients and matters.”  The most successful law firm leaders are proactively focusing on efficiency in its broadest sense - moving their law firms through an integrated program of innovations in legal service delivery. Find out how you can do the same…
Clients are demanding more value, and many firms are investing heavily to respond – and to protect their own margins. They hire professionals and create new roles for pricing, legal project management (LPM), and process improvement. One annual conference, unknown a few years ago, now attracts over 400 LPM and pricing professionals.  But investing in a vacuum returns little. We know that when firms integrate their initiatives, whether they focus on pricing, LPM, technology, or knowledge management, the results are much more than the sum of their parts. 
In this web-based discussion, our esteemed panel will introduce you to a five-stage integrated model for service delivery, as well as provide attendees with some practical steps that you can take to create profitable, measurable, and sustainable improvements in your law firm. 
Most law firms now recognize that delivering client value and maintaining partner profits requires changing how lawyers work and how firms manage themselves. Many firms, however, struggle to translate that recognition into action. In this webinar, we will discuss what is driving change and how firms can get started on the path to delivering client value, earning higher profits, and incorporating innovation within a sensible business framework.
Attendees of this webinar will learn how to:
• Start small and build a solid foundation for improvement
• Integrate your pricing and process improvement initiatives 
• Manage matters rigorously, using your improved pricing models and optimized processes 
• Build a culture of continuous improvement 
• Create efficiencies by choosing the right KM approach and practice technologies
This webinar is designed for Managing Partners, COOs, and other C-level officers (to mid-level managers) who must guide their firm to profitability in an era of flat demand, ferocious competition, and fear of declining partner profits.

Top industry speakers

Ron Friedmann

Ron Friedmann is a consultant with Fireman & Company.  He advises law firms and law departments on improving law practice efficiency and law firm business operations. 

Tom Baldwin

Tom Baldwin is a Partner with Fireman & Company. Over his 20+ year career in the legal industry, Tom has established himself as globally recognized thought leader and expert in practice management & economics, legal technology, and knowledge management.

Karen Dunn Skinner

Karen Dunn Skinner is a Partner in the Performance Excellence Group with Fireman & Company. Karen is an attorney and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with 20 years of experience practicing law in Canada and Europe. Working in law firms, as a solo practitioner, and as a legal process outsourcer, Karen has been part of the old and the new legal landscapes.