Knowledge Management UK 2017

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  • 14 June, 2017 - 15 June, 2017
  • DeVere Holborn Bars, 138-142 Holborn, London, EC1N 2NQ, United Kingdom (View Map)

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DAY ONE: Strategy, standards

09:00 Opening remarks from the Chair

Cora Newell, Lawyer, Director, KM Insight Consulting

09:15 Introductions and aspirations

  • When you look at things differently
  • A practical exercise in changing mindsets
  • Underpinning the concept of 'in their shoes'
  • "What I bring and what I want from the event"

Paul Corney, Managing Partner, Knowledge et al

09:45 From theory to strategy to delivery: Developing a practical KM strategy

  • Enabling new applications for emerging tools and technology
  • Delivering innovative solutions to improve your business process and performance
  • Focusing on the short and medium term goals
  • Showing behavioural support for the cultural change


10:25 Maximising the value of knowledge management operations through value engineering

  • KM operations challenges in large, multi-national, multi-cultural and multi-business line corporations
  • Evaluating knowledge flow through function analysis system technique
  • Improving knowledge management operations through value engineering 

Darryl WingDirector, Knowledge ManagementFluor

Behnam BashokoohLessons Manager, Knowledge Management, Fluor

11:05 Morning networking break



11:35 Network Rail, communities of practice

  • What does senior management want? And overcoming cultural inertia
  • Is your current KM process fit for purpose?
  • Value co-creation across supply chain via professional communities of practice
  • Aligning academic theories and community practice; a marriage of wants and outcomes

Dr Meri Duryan, KTP Associate/Project Manager (Knowledge), Network Rail National Electrification Programme Team

12:15 Knowledge and learning: Successfully blending the two

  • Importance of immediacy of access to knowledge, insights and intelligence
  • Enabling a learning organisation through collaborative working
  • KPMG case studies and role of KPMG's learning function
  • Working with learning design, deployment, programmes teams​

Ceri Hughes, Head of Knowledge Centre of Excellence, KPMG UK

12:55 Networking lunch

14:00 Knowledge management and learning & development: BFFs (Best Friends Forever) 

  • Shared goals: Maximising staff potential, continuous learning, knowledge-sharing culture
  • A symbiotic relationship: How L&D can help KM and how KM can help L&D
  • Facing the future together with technology and culture 

Janet Kaul, Head of Knowledge Management, Medical Protection Society


14:40 Public sector NHS - rebooting a flagging KM service

  • Rebuilding knowledge management in a new culture
  • Developing a new strategy, learning from past experience
  • Taking care of yourself and your knowledge management service

Sofia Layton, Knowledge Management Lead, NHS Digital

15:20 Afternoon networking break

15:50 Are challenging questions more powerful than answers?

  • Knowledge management is about conversation
  • There are two conversations; the one in our heads and the second with other people
  • The problem with the conversation in our heads; biases, emotions and blind spots
  • It takes a diverse group of people to come together to make sense of the world

David Gurteen, Founder and Director, Gurteen Knowledge


16:30 Make the case of KM standards, but what do we really need?

Our panel of experts will explore the issues, including:

  • Is there a case for a KM standard accreditation?
  • Is KM a philosophy or a management system or both?
  • How can we standardise KM - with support and not a strait jacket?
  • What could be the costs of ISO certification?
  • KM standards as a driver in customer relationships

Moderator: Details coming soon


Paul Corney, Managing Partner, Knowledge et al

Nick Milton, Director, Knoco

Karen McFarlane CMG
, Chair of the Board, Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP)

17:15 Chairman's closing comments

17:30 End of Day 1


DAY TWO: Tools, techniques, process, customers

09:00 Opening remarks from the Chair

Ian Rodwell, Head of Client Knowledge and Learning, Linklaters LLP

09:15 Reverse brainstorming exercise

  • How to make virtual teams and communities fail
  • Practical session to tackle an emerging issue and demonstrate an effective tool
  • To feature a prominent organisation with a multitude of offices and communication styles

Paul Corney, Managing Partner, Knowledge et al


10:00 Killing knowledge management: What to look for

When the wind turns against you: from smooth sailing to shipwreck

  • It was going so well
  • It has happened to others
  • Common factors
  • What can be done to save it?

Patricia Eng, P.E. Former KM Manager, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, independent consultant

10:30 An ecological approach to understanding impact in knowledge management

  • Key scientific insights
  • New ways of thinking and acting

Dave Snowden, Chief Scientific Officer, Cognitive Edge

11:30 Morning networking


12:00 Bringing our business processes to life

  • Laying strong foundations with revised, clear and drillable processes
  • Building on these foundations with cloud-based contract filing, including auto-population of forms
  • Providing one focal point for knowledge sharing across our rapidly expanding business

Keri Harrowven, Knowledge Manager, Ian Williams

12:40 Networking lunch

13:40 KM: How to go from zero to innovation

  • Most organisations have innovation as a goal, but where do you start?
  • Good KM starts conversations and opens the door to innovation opportunity
  • Hear how to build a KM landscape that will encourage innovation to flourish
  • An interactive session that looks at potential innovation blockers and the best tactics to remove them

Andrew Pope, Consultant, Innosis


14:20 The KM Customer Journey: Bringing a KM strategy to life

  • Converting a strategy document to something that will articulate to staff the vision for what the KM strategy will actually mean to them
  • Embedding the use of touchpoints to provide alignment across other organisational activities
  • A concept that works for all organisations, irrespective of size or sector

Tony McQuaid, Knowledge and Information Manager, NS&I

15:00 Afternoon networking break


15:30 Knowledge management and customer service

  • What do we mean by consumer based knowledge management?
  • Comparative knowledge management: customer service organisations versus law firms
  • The Thames story – bring to life the experience and the strategies
  • The power of consumer knowledge and importance of listening to and supporting the consumer

Anne Wood, Knowledge Management Consultant, Thames Water

Katharine Ward
, Head of Knowledge, Training and Quality-Customer Operations, Thames Water

16:10 Artificial intelligence - the unstoppable shake-up; what's the human response?

Our panel of experts will explore the issues including:

  • Responding to the competitive threats to professional services companies
  • How well can AI perform current tasks?
  • Re-training and re-engineering human processes


Details coming soon


Dave Snowden, Chief Scientific Officer, Cognitive Edge

James MacFarlane, Non Executive Director, Easypress Technologies, Founder, Sopheon plc

16:50 Chair's closing remarks  

17:15 End of conference




Full Description

Knowledge Management UK 2017

Delivering KM strategies and processes to improve your customers' experiences

Why attend Knowledge Management UK 2017?

  • Uncover how KM is used to overcome scale and complexity at public sector organisations including the NHS
  • Understand how to develop a practical KM strategy delivering innovative solutions to benefit your business' process and performance with Andy Wall of United Utilities
  • Delve into the detail behind 5 case studies charting business transformations from public and commercial sectors, including the use of communities of practice at Network Rail to improve strategy and process
  • Track the progress of artificial intelligence (AI) and discuss the merits of forthcoming ISO standards via two interactive panel debates
  • Learn how to bring your KM strategy to life through your staff via a customer strategy case study led by Tony McQuaid at NS&I
  • Discover how your organisation can combine knowledge and learning through collaborative working with insight from Ceri Hughes of KPMG
  • Take the next step in your KM journey to get tangible results that matter to your organisation
  • Ask questions, network and collaborate with experienced KM practitioners and explore new areas of KM that could make a significant difference to your organisation


Could you benefit from understanding how some of the UK's most established organisations achieve success through knowledge management?

Great knowledge management (KM) doesn't just unite people and provide the right environment for high-level collaboration, communication and effective knowledge-sharing. It gets results. Real results that are making a difference to organisations worldwide.

But what does successful KM look like in organisations spanning many industries and verticals? What can you learn from trailblazing organisations to improve your KM strategy?

Now in its 14th year, Knowledge Management UK (KMUK) is a trusted forum for some of the UK's most innovative KM practitioners. You'll hear about new technology and practices transforming the field and understand the detail behind successful KM initiatives through case studies.

What's new for 2017?

  • A focus on improving your customers' experiences of your brand through knowledge management
  • How can global KM standards help your organisation improve customer experience?

Uncover the latest KM intelligence being deployed at organisations such as:

  • United Utilities
  • NHS Digital
  • Network Rail
  • Thames Water
  • KPMG
  • Fluor
  • Medical Protection Society
  • Ian Williams
  • NS&I

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"KMUK is one of the few conferences I get excited about. It's not just the range of approaches (technology and process to social interaction and performance) but the variety of organisations included. Businesses of all shapes and forms speak and attend this event; the military, government and sport. The opportunity to veer off the well-trodden paths of your own sector to find inspiration from others pushing the boundaries of KM. This is what makes KMUK seductive." 

Ian Rodwell, Head of Client Knowledge and Learning, Linklaters LLP
Chair, Day 2 KMUK 2017