Mid-Sized Law Firms: Start the Revolution in the Middle

Why mid-sized law firms may be the key to transforming the legal service delivery model

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  • 23 May, 2019
  • 08:45 - 17:00
  • 450 Cityfront Plaza Dr, CHicago, IL, 60611, United States ()

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Registration & Networking Breakfast
Opening Remarks - Conference Chairperson 
Why Not Start the Revolution in the Middle?
John Alber, Futurist at International Legal Technology Association & Institute for the Future of Law Practice 
Turning the Law Firm Pyramid Upside Down
Fred H. Bartlit, Jr., Partner, Bartlit Beck LLP
Morning Networking & Coffee Break
The Janus Challange – Biglaw, Mid-size, and Boutiques
Joseph J. Morford, Managing Partner, Tucker Ellis LLP
Stephanie A. Scharf, Partner, Scharf Banks Marmor LLC

Stuart Wilson, Former Global Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer, Dentons, and Chief Marketing Officer at KPMG 

Murray Coffey, Chief Marketing Officer, Haynes & Boone, LLP
Moderator: Nancey Watson, NL Watson Consulting Inc.
Networking Luncheon
Mid-Sized Law Firms: Competitive and Innovation Strategies - Looking Back and for the Next Ten Years
Marci A. Eisenstein, Managing Partner, Schiff Hardin LLP
Jeff Sharp, Managing Partner, Marshall, Gerstein & Borun LLP
David Krutz, Managing Partner, Michael Best and Friedrich
Robert Romanoff, Chairman & Managing Partner, Levenfeld Pearlstein  -  Moderator: Mark Medice, Principal, LawVision LLC
2:00PM    .
Tools & Tech: The Extent to which Technology Can Help Level the Playing Field
Anand R. Upadhye, VP of Business Development, Casetext
Tom Jones, CEO/President, Iridium Technology
Justin Brownstone, VP of Sales/Litigation Counsel, Gavelytics
Moderator: Michael Mills, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Neota Logic
Afternoon Networking & Coffee Break 
We're Ready to be Innovative! Now what!?  
Chris Austin, Director of Records & Information Management, Bowman and Brooke
Using Data to Back Up Firm Assumptions about its Competitive Advantage
Jeremy Gresham, Chief Financial Officer, Levenfeld Pearlstein, 
Andrea Maciejewski, Chief Marketing and Client Engagement Officer, Levenfeld Pearlstein
Differentiation & Innovation – Enabled by Culture
David Urbanik, Chief Operating Officer, Halloran Sage
Closing Remarks: Conference Chairperson

Full Description

Are mid-sized law firms in a unique position to compete? 

Some view this segment as facing challenges in scale, footprint and unable to afford the latest technological capabilities. Others see it as an agile, fleet-footed group able to provide tailored services with a strong personal touch—and one where firms can exploit mid-sized scale to be more responsive and tuned-in to the clients they serve.

Ark Group’s first-ever conference focused on Mid-Sized Law Firms will consider, discuss and debate the unique competitive position that mid-sized firms find themselves in today – and why mid-sized firms may be the key to transforming the legal service delivery model. 

This unique event will bring together individuals who can help law firm leaders sort through the confusion of how to compete in this exponential age— shining a light on the conditions leading to unprecedented activism by law  departments, identifying what’s broken in the service delivery model, understanding not only the mindset of the client, but also the tools and strategies they are employing to better control their own spend/destiny – and finally,  illustrating the immense opportunity for nimble organizations to meet the demand for real innovation and service. 

The legal service model (at present) seems to be stuck—which has given rise to new entrants into the legal market and increased competition. For mid-sized firms (which includes some regional shops of considerable size) there is both opportunity—because corporate legal departments see that these firms can do excellent work at much lower hourly rates—and challenge—because "law companies" (i.e. alternative legal service providers) have the necessary process, technology, and project management skills on the ready.  

In most instances, mid-size firms know much more about the law than alternate service providers, but can they learn the process and leverage the technology? What impact will tools and technology have on the “redesign of the law firm service model” and how accessible and scalable are today’s tools and platforms?

Mid-sized law firms may feel caught in the crossfire between Big Law, alternative legal service providers, and their clients. If so, they may be missing a remarkable opportunity. The door has opened for some mid-sized firms to move in aggressively and take market share. And this opportunity has only just begun…

Top industry speakers

John Alber

Practical Futurist

Fred H. Bartlit, Jr.

Partner, Bartlit Beck LLP

Marci A. Eisenstein

Managing Partner, Schiff Hardin LLP

Jeff Sharp

Managing Partner,  Marshall, Gerstein & Borun LLP

David Krutz

Managing Partner,  Michael Best and Friedrich

Robert Romanoff

Chairman & Managing Partner, Levenfeld Pearlstein

Nancey Watson

NL Watson Consulting Inc. 

Joseph J. Morford

Managing Partner, Tucker Ellis LLP

Murray Coffey

Chief Marketing Officer, Haynes & Boone, LLP


Stephanie A. Scharf

Partner, Scharf Banks Marmor LLC

Chris Austin

Director of Records & Information Management, Bowman and Brooke


Andrea Maciejewski

Chief Marketing and Client Engagement Officer, Levenfeld Pearlstein


Jeremy Gresham

Chief Financial Officer, Levenfeld Pearlstein


David Urbanik

Chief Operating Officer, Halloran Sage


Michael Mills

Michael Mills is the co-founder and chief strategy officer of Neota Logic Inc., developers of a no-code software platform with which non-programmers can build expert systems to automate advice, documents, and processes. Michael attended the University of Chicago Law School, then served as law clerk to a United States District Judge. Mr. Mills was partner in the law firm Mayer Brown. At Davis Polk & Wardwell, Michael led technology strategy, business development, knowledge management, professional development, practice support, and e¬¬-discovery. At Kraft & Kennedy, he served as a technology consultant to law firms and law departments.

Mark Medice

Principal, LawVision

Anand Upadhye

Anand Upadhye is Casetext’s Vice President of Business Development. Mr. Upadhye presents Casetext's AI-backed legal research products, including CARA, to leading law firms. In that capacity, Mr. Upadhye, has administered CARA product trials at the largest firms in the United States, working with CKOs, CIOs, senior partners, and Library Directors. Additionally, he assists firms with messaging their technology acquisition to their attorneys and staff, as well as current and prospective clients. Before joining Casetext, Mr. Upadhye was a litigator for six years, first as a prosecutor and then as a litigator at a large firm.

Tom Jones

CEO & Founder, Iridium Technology LLC

Justin Brownstone

VP of Sales/Litigation Counsel, Gavelytics

Stuart Wilson

Former Global Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer, Dentons, and Chief Marketing Officer at KPMG

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