Adapting for Success: The Practice of Organisational Learning

Experts in knowledge management, training, and L&D discuss the essential issues surrounding organisational learning. 

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  • Publication date: June, 2014
  • Pages: 96
  • ISBN: 9781783581436


Organisations want to be seen to be investing in their staff, but how do you ensure a return on the money and time you devote to staff training and implementing new technologies within your business?This report will teach you how to capture, and store the knowledge and expertise of your staff, and put this knowledge into practice. Bringing together experts in Knowledge Management and L&D, this report will enable you to:

  • Understand the key fundamentals of organisational learning;
  • Develop a business culture and implement internal business structures that supports organisational learning;
  • Build L&D initiatives that encourage Organisation Learning;
  • Align learning initiatives with overall company goals; and
  • Integrate lessons learned into the existing framework of your organisation.

Companies spend a substantial amount of money on employee training programmes that often fail to have the intended impact. By creating a successful organisation learning programme, you will create a more knowledgeable, productive workforce that will make your organisation better able to grow and adapt to changing times and increasing competition.
How engaged are your staff?
Whether sharing lessons learned during training days or as part of a project team, it is essential that your employees understand how their contribution will benefit the wider organisation.
By fostering employee engagement you will ensure better performance and higher staff retention – making sure your investment does not walk out the door!Are you ready to adapt in anticipation of future threats?Your organisation must be unafraid of new challenges or it will find itself outstripped by newer, more innovative companies; this report will help you to predict tomorrow’s problems and design solutions to address them today.


Chapter 1: Transforming individual learning into organisational change

Chapter 2: Organisational learning and the impact on organisational performance

Chapter 3: How can you build training and learning programmes to support OL?

Chapter 4: Learning in temporary organisations – Lessons learned from event planning

Chapter 5: Adapt, innovate, or die – Replacing the learning organisation with agile innovation leadership

Chapter 6: Learning for the long view – A case study in enabling learning to deliver breakthrough innovation in the offshore diamond mining industry

Chapter 7: The importance of leadership in learning organisationsq

Check our Executive Summary and full table of contents here


Dr Albert J. Simard
Knowledge manager for Defense R&D, Canada, and Canadian Forest Service and Natural Resources Canada
Jason Silberman
Training specialist at WalkMe
Mark Randall
Business-focussed learning & organisational development leader, within the defence, public and resource sectors.
Thanos Karagrounas
Certified knowledge manager (CKM) from the International Knowledge Management Institute. Involvement with the Olympic Games Knowledge Management programme. Founder, HIBOU Alliance.
Professor Victor Newman
Industrial fellow and innovation practitioner at the Centre for Innovation, Imagination & Inspiration: the Business School, The University of Greenwich
Dr Ian Corbett
Director of Knoco South Africa, based in Cape Town.
Rupert Lescott
Associate director of the internationally-renowned firm of knowledge management consultants, Knoco Ltd

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