Best Practices in Legal Marketing

Ensure your firm is equipped to deliver the quality service that both its internal and external clients expect

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Working with tighter budgets?

Greater demand to show return on investment?

Difficulty gaining strategic buy-in and engaging partners in the marketing process?

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a legal marketing professional who is not burdened by these key challenges in today’s legal market. So what’s your game plan?

Managing Partner’s report, Best Practices in Legal Marketing is a practical, must-have guide for all legal marketers, business developers and firm leaders looking to tackle these challenges head on at both an operational and strategic level.

It highlights how to respond to changes in the legal market to ensure your firm’s survival and provides innovative strategies for exploiting the changes to your firm's advantage.

Leading legal marketing experts - Laurie Young, Andrew Hedley, Kim Tasso, Paula Black, Bruce Marcus, and Dr Silvia Hodges – share their insights into cutting-edge best practices and advise on implementing them within your own firm, including how to:

  • Deal with market changes through effective scenario planning;
  • Deliver improved client satisfaction through exceptional client service and relationship strategy;
  • Create a framework for a successful marketing and business development (BD) strategy;
  • Detail ROI for your firm's marketing and BD activities;
  • Create impact with a reduced marketing and relationship management budget;
  • Get partners on board, engaged with and involved in delivering your firm’s marketing strategy; and much more…

Key factors, worked examples and critical action points are featured throughout this report for you to include as part of your own action plan for addressing these key issues within your firm.

Ensure your firm is equipped to deliver the quality service that both its internal and external clients expect.



Chapter 1: Market changes – Dealing with uncertainty using scenarios

Chapter 2: Securing your seat at the strategy table

Chapter 3: Client service and relationship strategy

Chapter 4: Legal business development – The bottom line on return on investment

Chapter 5: Effective marketing and relationship management on a low budget

Chapter 6: Partnership engagement – The only strategy game in town

Chapter 7: The role of the partner in delivering a marketing strategy

Chapter 8: Marketing trends in US firms

Chapter 9: Innovative marketing in the US

Check our Executive Summary and full table of contents here


Andrew Hedley
Director, Hedley Consulting Ltd
Bruce Marcus
Pioneer in professional services marketing.
Dr Silvia Hodges Silverstein
Executive director, Buying Legal Council, New York. Former vice president, Strategic Market Development, Sky Analytics. Researcher and Lecturer, Columbia Law School, New York. Silvia can be reached via email or at her website.
Kim Tasso
Independent management consultant, specialising in professional services, with over 20 years’ experience.
Laurie Young
Laurie Young was an internationally-recognised specialist in the marketing and selling of legal services.
Paula Black
Legal branding expert, author, consultant and coach.

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