Civil Litigation Practice: An Expert Guide

As the dust begins to settle on some of the most radical changes in the history of the civil justice system, it is time for practitioners to take stock of the post-LASPO landscape, and to prepare for the future. Civil Litigation Practice: An Expert Guide brings together the advice of practitioners and experts in civil litigation in a series of easy-to-read articles.

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Each article provides either an update on the latest legislative changes affecting civil litigation, insider insight into current hot topics making the headlines, or practical guidance that will aid litigators in their everyday practice – from budgeting to professional conduct. The guide also provides tips on important activities for the firm or practice as a whole, such as marketing and business development.

This is a multi-contributor report which draws on the experience of a range of well-respected experts and practitioners; Each contributor focuses in detail on a current issue and provides practical advice and tips that will help those departments to survive and thrive; A quick reference overall guide for civil litigation teams to refer to in order to benchmark their current processes and knowledge and ensure they are well placed to deal with market challenges. This report discusses the latest regulations, legislation, and guidance relating to civil litigation. It provides advice on key topics of interest to litigators, including getting the best from expert witnesses, dealing with LIPs, better budgeting, and making the most of e-discovery. Insight is provided into current hot topics in litigation, such as cross-border litigation and litigation over financial mis-selling. Practical guidance is given on marketing/BD and targeted at litigation practices/departments. 


Chapter 1: Reflecting on the Jackson reforms

Chapter 2: Disclosure and discovery post-Jackson

Chapter 3: For better or for worse

Chapter 4: Evidential reliability: A practical guide for lawyers

Chapter 5: Litigants in person

Chapter 6: Balancing duties to the court and to the client

Chapter 7: Marketing a litigation practice

Chapter 8: Jurisdiction in cross-border disputes: Principles and pitfalls

Chapter 9: Collective investment schemes


Ian Gascoigne
Partner, Eversheds LLP.
Jeffrey T Shapiro
Managed services consultant, Kroll Ontrack
Michael Young
Author and former expert witness
Dr Hugh Koch
Director, Hugh Koch Associates
Joanne Lewis
Solicitor at Kennedys
Jayne Willets
Solicitor advocate at Jayne Willetts & Co Solicitors
Douglas McPherson
Director, Size 10½ Boots
Richard Dickman
Legal Director, Pinsent Masons LLP
John Virgo
Barrister at Guildhall Chambers, Bristol

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