The Client Management Toolkit for Law Firms

The Client Management Toolkit for Law Firms, looks at four core areas of client management: client strategy; business development; fees; and client relationships.

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By putting the client at the heart of the firm's everyday activities through the implementation of robust client management process, firms can ensure they deliver high-quality, tailored services, and build the kind of client relationships that will lead to repeat business, referrals, and enhanced reputations.

The Client Management Toolkit for Law Firms, looks at four core areas of client management: Client strategy; business development; fees; and client relationships.

It considers how firms can:

  • Reach out to potential clients (positioning and targeting, establishing an online presence);
  • Win more pitches;
  • 'Institutionalise' new clients;
  • Engage with clients through the implementation of a client listening programme;
  • Collaborate better to solve clients' complex, multi-jurisdictional problems;
  • Design and negotiate fee arrangements that will provide a win-win for firm and client; and
  • Avoid anti-corruption and compliance issues as they relate to the firm-client relationship.

This book includes expert contributions from leading lawyers and law firm consultants, including:

  • Andrew Hedley, director, Hedley Consulting
  • Derek Klyhn, founding partner, Møller PSF Group
  • David H. Freeman, CEO, David Freeman Consulting Group
  • Clare Adshead-Grant, founding partner, Calista
  • Ben Rigby, editor, CDR
  • Sally Dyson, founder and director, Firm Sense Limited
  • Tracey Calvert, owner and director, Oakalls Consultancy Limited
  • Steven A. Lauer, principal, Lauer & Associates
  • Barbara J. Boake, partner, McCarthy Tétrault
  • Rick A. Kathuria, national director, project management office and legal logistics, Gowlings
  • Susan Hackett, CEO and CLO, Legal Executive Leadership
  • Andrew Oldland QC, head of the Public Law and Regulatory Team, Michelmores


Chapter 1: Client strategy development

Chapter 2: Segmenting services: Ensure your firm’s services target client needs

Chapter 3: Strategic stages: An eight-stage integrated approach to business development

Chapter 4: Finding niches and developing your strategy

Chapter 5: The shortcut version: The mini-pitch and toolkit

Chapter 6: Relationship secrets: How to institutionalise new clients in 100 days

Chapter 7: Designing an objective-orientated fee arrangement

Chapter 8: Linking project management to pricing strategy

Chapter 9: Developing a strategy for better budgeting and negotiating

Chapter 10: All ears: Launch a firm-wide client listening programme

Chapter 11: Ensuring that feedback is useful, user-friendly, and used

Chapter 12: Growth and development of the firm’s online legal services

Chapter 13: Client services: The in-house perspective on collaboration in law firm

Chapter 14: Conflicts of interest

Chapter 15: Cocktail of problems: The conflict between anti-bribery compliance and client service

Check our Executive Summary and full table of contents here


Andrew Hedley
Director, Hedley Consulting Ltd
Derek Klyhn
Founding partner of Møller PSF Group Cambridge and consultant to professional service firm leaders and their teams.
David H. Freeman
Chief Executive Officer of David Freeman Consulting Group
Clare Adshead-Grant
Founding Partner, Calista. Clare’ opinions, hints, and tips can be regularly found on her blog via twitter, and she can be contacted via email at Calista. 
Ben Rigby
Freelance legal journalist and non-practicing solicitor.
Sally Dyson
Director of Firm Sense Limited, a specialist consultancy providing client relationship evaluation and advice for law firms
Rob Lees
Co-author, with Harvard Business School professors Tom DeLong and Jack Gabarro, of the best-selling When Professionals Have to Lead: A New Model for High Performance and co-author, with August J. Aquila, of How to Become the Firm of Choice. Before retiring last year, Rob spent 25 years working with leading professional firms across the world and helped set up Møller Professional Service Firms Group.
Tracey Calvert
Director of Oakalls Consultancy Limited. Tracey lectures on professional conduct, financial services, and anti-money laundering policies, and also provides compliance training and writes on compliance topics. She is the author of Outcomes-Focused Regulation: Compliance in Practice; COLP and COFA: Compliance in Practice; Ethics in Law Firms: A Practical Guide; In-House Ethics in Practice; and Conflicts and Confidentiality for Law Firms.
Steven A Lauer
Principal of Lauer & Associates
Barbara J Boake
Partner, McCarthy Tétrault LLP.
Rick A Kathuria
National director, project management office and legal logistics, at Gowlings
Tim Nightingale
Founder, Nisus Consulting Limited
Graham Archbold
Research director, Nisus Consulting Limited
Stephanie Kimbro
Member of Burton Law LLC, a virtual law firm offering online unbundled and traditional full service representation in North Carolina, Ohio, and the District of Columbia.
Susan Hackett
CEO and CLO, Legal Executive Leadership, LLC

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