Collaborative Knowledge Networks

Develop collaborative knowledge networks that generate real value from your knowledge-based assets. 

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  • Publication date: April, 2013
  • Pages: 100
  • ISBN: 9781783580217


Breaking down silo mentalities and encouraging employee collaboration is imperative in terms of driving innovation and cost savings for organisations in today’s competitive market.

Yet this sizable task is far easier said than done and remains a constant challenge for knowledge workers. We’d like to help…   

Ark Group’s new report on Collaborative Knowledge Networks offers practical case studies and advice from your peers on developing collaborative knowledge networks that generate value from your knowledge-based assets. The expert contributions from Stephen Dale, David Galipeau, Javier Martinez, Rooven Pakkiri, Curtis Conley, Daanish Khan and Josh Liu reveal how to:

  • Use key tools and methodologies that facilitate knowledge-sharing;
  • Identify the traits of good collaborators, and overcome resistance;
  • Identify areas where internal and external collaboration can be improved;
  • Capture tacit knowledge through cross-departmental knowledge sharing;
  • Deploy a successful social network for your organisation; and,
  • Foster an effective knowledge-sharing culture.

Insightful real-life case studies and personal perspectives highlight the processes behind setting up collaborative knowledge networks, their key benefits, and the results you can expect to achieve. These include:

  • Creating a collaborative knowledge culture at Lewis Silkin LLP;
  • Improvement and innovation through online sharing at the Local Government Association, UK;
  • Sharing ownership of a collaboration platform (QUT SharePoint User Community) at Queensland University of Technology;
  • Collaboration stories from Applied Intelligence Atelier, Canada; and
  • A perspective on the importance of an expert database for collaboration from a knowledge manager at Mindtree Ltd India.

 Promote a knowledge-sharing culture that fosters idea creation and competitive advantage for your organisation. 


Chapter 1: Knowledge is power – But only for those in the know

Chapter 2: The ART of collaboration

Chapter 3: A good facilitator for cross-department knowledge sharing and collaboration

Chapter 4: Collaboration culture – Solving the user adoption challenge

Chapter 5: Identifying critical success factors for Enterprise Social Network success

Chapter 6: Collaboration lifecycle – An argument for citizen collaboration for inclusive innovation

Chapter 7: To share or not to share (that is the question)

Chapter 8: The people aspect of collaborative knowledge networks

Chapter 9: Supporting local government to improve and innovate through sharing online

Chapter 10: A personal perspective on the importance of collaborative knowledge networks

Chapter 11: Applied Intelligence Atelier – Agile online collaboration stories

Chapter 12: Sharing ownership of a collaboration platform – The roles of the QUT SharePoint User Community

Chapter 13: Creating a collaborative knowledge culture at Lewis Silkin LLP

Chapter 14: Profiling an organization’s experts – Collaborative knowledge networks at work

Check our Executive Summary and full table of contents here


Daanish Khan
Head of strategy and marketing for MindLink Software Ltd
Stephen Dale
Founder & co-director, Collabor8Now Ltd
Josh Liu
CEO and co-founder of Acrossio
Rooven Pakkiri
Head of social business, Collaboration Matters
Curtis A. Conley
Enterprise collaboration solution architect at Kellogg
David Galipeau
Knowledge, Innovation and Capacity Practice co-leader, Asia and the Pacific Regional Centre, United Nations Development Programme
Javier Martinez Aldanondo
KM manager at Catenaria and director of Knoco, Chile
Arshad Ahmed
Knowledge management practitioner
Liz Copeland
Knowledge manager, Local Government Association
Kgothatso Mamabolo
Knowledge management specialist at Kumba Iron Ore
Joel Muzard
Co-founder and chief knowledge officer of Applied Intelligence Atelier
Natalie Ryan
Information management coordinator, Division of Technology, Information and Learning Support, Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
Penny Newman
Director of people and knowledge at Lewis Silkin LLP
Karthikeyan Palanisamy
Knowledge manager, Mindtree Ltd

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