The E-mail Optimisation Toolkit

Proven strategies to make e-mail use more efficient and save your firm thousands in lost time and productivity

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  • Publication date: August, 2009
  • Pages: 140
  • ISBN: 9781906355708


Imagine how much time each day is lost by your colleagues and employees just attempting to manage the sheer volume of e-mails that now invade our every working hour.

One hour a day? Or more?

Are you in fact losing a whole working day per employee per week to the management of e-mails?

Ark Group's E-mail Optimisation Toolkit provides highly practical information on how your organisation can significantly reduce the amount of time spent in this activity, freeing you up to get on with your job and tangibly increasing organisational productivity.

By following the steps included in this report one organisation saved £4.7 million a year in lost time from just 100 employees.

With the current state of the economy what organisation wouldn't like to get more man hours and significantly more productivity from the same workforce within the same working week?

This report covers three areas that if addressed will provide substantial savings, improve efficiency and job satisfaction and address vital legislative and risk management issues:

  • Employee: Improving their e-mail efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Employer: Meeting e-mail regulation, retention and legislation requirements; and,
  • Infrastructure: Disaster recovery, outsourcing, software, space management and more.

In four phases and nine stages this uniquely practical report will guide you through a proven solution that will deliver long lasting e-mail optimisation within your organisation. The report contains an e-mail optimisation toolkit that ensures each of these phases is a success including:

  • a comprehensive e-mail policy structure to aid writing and testing existing e-mail policies;
  • a tried and tested questionnaire for the assessment of the e-mail landscape within the organisation;
  • a structure for an e-mail infrastructure audit;
  • a diagnostic tool for quick and easy analysis of the results;
  • a strategy matrix to determine how each e-mail issue will be addressed;
  • a feature analysis matrix to assess existing and new applications / hardware;
  • a proven e-mail training programme;
  • a formulae that provides the cost of e-mail communication.

The Email Optimisation Toolkit can save you significant amounts of money and lost productivity while protecting you against the growing legislative and regulatory threats.


Chapter 1: Stage one – Identifying what other organisations have tried in the past

Chapter 2: Stage two – What is the known impact on employees?

Chapter 3: Stage three – Positioning the organisation to capturing employees’ e-mail behaviour

Chapter 4: Stage four – Capturing the e-mail landscape

Chapter 5: Stage five – Interpreting the results

Chapter 6: Stage six – Developing a workable and cost effective e-mail communication strategy

Chapter 7: Stage seven – Building a business case to gain support

Chapter 8: Stage eight – Implementing a workable and cost effective e-mail strategy

Chapter 9: Stage nine – E-mail strategy evaluation

Chapter 10: The future

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Dr Thomas Jackson
Senior lecturer in the Department of Information Science, Loughborough University.

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